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Are Victoria and David Beckham in the midst of a $1.2 billion divorce? That's the claim being made on the cover of one of this week's tabloids, but it's untrue. Actually, the magazine offers no proof whatsoever that "it's over," as it asserts inside its pages. Gossip Cop, however, can correct this phony premise.

OK!, which has repeatedly published inaccurate stories about the Beckhams splitting up, maintains the couple is now really "preparing to divvy up their $1.2 billion empire." What's its evidence? According to the tabloid, when Victoria accepted the Fashion Icon Award at the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles on November 11, the designer was more "focused on extolling female empowerment," and only gave her husband a "quick cursory mention" at the end of her speech.

Next, the outlet quotes an anonymous and untraceable "source" as contending that following David's remarks in October on the Australian show, "The Sunday Project," how marriage is "hard work," his wife was "in tears over David's harsh words," and she's lost the "will to save her crumbling marriage." After that, the magazine floats there have been "claims of David's infidelity," before its supposed tipster adds, "The reality is they've grown apart."

Lastly, the tabloid alleges the real reason Posh is not joining the other women for the Spice Girls reunion tour in 2019 is that she wants to prepare for the end of her marriage. "She'll need every ounce of strength to deal with the problems on the home front," asserts the so-called "insider."

While the tabloid hides behind an unidentifiable and possibly misinformed or even made-up "source," Victoria's rep, who's authorized to speak on her behalf, tells Gossip Cop on the record that the cover story is "rubbish." David's spokesperson also denied the magazine's claims. But let's also examine some of the outlet's statements.

It's beyond absurd the publication is using the designer's speech at the PCAs as proof she and David are divorcing. As video of Victoria's acceptance speech at the People's Choice Awards can attest, her overall point was that she's always been about "girl power," first with the Spice Girls. She noted that evening her life is now about "empower[ing] women through my designs."

She reiterated in her speech that her winning the Fashion Icon Award was "for all of us [women]" who support each other. Clearly, her words were directed to the other females in the audience and watching on TV, and was by no means a slight to her husband. Of course , if Victoria were really divorcing David, she probably wouldn't have thanked him at all.

As for David's comment that marriage is "hard work," the tabloid seemingly took it out of context on purpose. During his appearance on the Australian TV show, "The Sunday Project," David pointed to "hard work" as the key to his and Victoria's marriage of 19 years, which has included bringing up four kids while also having high-profile and demanding careers. "To have been married for the amount of time that we have, it's always hard work," said the former soccer star. He added, "You make difficult situations like traveling away, being away from each other, you make it work." In that same interview, David stressed, "We are hard working and we feel that is the right way to bring up our children to prove and to show to them you have to work really hard to be successful."

Not surprisingly, what was omitted from the magazine's article was Victoria slamming divorce rumors in British Vogue a month earlier. She told the fashion magazine, "People have been making things up about our relationship for 20 years, so David and I are pretty used to ignoring the nonsense." She further expressed that they are "stronger together than we are as individuals."

And the real reason Victoria is not joining the Spice Girls for their reunion tour is simply that she no longer considers herself a musical performer. It has nothing to do with the fictitious "$1.2 billion divorce." In fact, during that same PCAs speech that Victoria posted to Instagram, she explained, "I hung up my microphone quite some time ago, and I get a little bit scared when I get on stage and I see a mic."

It also bears mentioning the tabloid has been pushing the bogus divorce angle for years. In 2016, for example, Gossip Cop busted the outlet when it falsely exclaimed the Beckhams were embroiled in a "$1 Billion Divorce Shocker." The magazine was also wrong in September 2017 when it contended David and Victoria were about to split because they were "both eager to start the next chapter of their lives." And Gossip Cop once again corrected the publication when it untruthfully maintained in a January 2018 article that the Beckhams were "headed for divorce" because "neither of them want to carry on the farce much longer."

It's conceivable one day they might divorce. Many celebrity couples do. But the OK! cover story provides no proof or insight that the Beckhams are currently in the middle of a $1.2 billion divorce. Instead, it uses unsourced quotations, remarks out of context, and omits important facts. For those reasons and others stated above, Gossip Cop is giving the story a zero out of 10 on our fact-or-fiction meter.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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