Victoria and David Beckham are still not "headed for divorce," despite repeated claims from one tabloid. Gossip Cop can debunk this latest phony breakup story.

OK! contends in its new issue, "They've been dodging split rumors for years. Now, a source says the Beckhams are living separate lives and ready to call it quits for good." What the gossip magazine doesn't acknowledge is that it is responsible for many of those untrue "split rumors." In fact, we similarly busted the outlet last September for falsely claiming Victoria and David were "headed for divorce."

Now that same phrasing is being used again in its current edition, where a supposed "source" maintains the couple's marriage is "hanging by a thread." The publication alleges the Beckhams are rarely in the same place, and when they are together, claims the alleged tipster, "They just talk business. There's no intimacy left between them. It's pretty sad." The publication's so-called "source" goes on to assert, "They seem resigned to the idea that they have little in common anymore and they almost prefer it that way."

If the Beckhams "prefer" having it that way, why would they be divorcing? After suggesting the pair is content with their dynamic, the dubious insider goes on to make contradictory claims, alleging Victoria is "growing tired of playing the fool... so it looks like there's no chance they're going to work it out." The tabloid's specious "source" further asserts "neither of them want to carry on the farce much longer," yet later contends that after having the "worst" year with a "rift growing," "they just don't seem to care."

If the Beckhams "don't seem to care," why would they go through the trouble of divorcing? It's almost as if the magazine mixed up two different narratives: One in which the couple is unhappy but okay to stay that way and one in which they're unhappy and planning to do something about it. The problem is neither version is accurate. The truth is that Victoria and David are staying together and it's because they are happy.

In fact, after OK! recently claimed the Beckhams were going to be "torn apart at Christmas," they joyfully spent the holiday together. Not only that, Victoria and David then went on to take their kids on New Year's vacation. The magazine has spent years claiming marital woes are pushing the stars towards divorce and time keeps proving the outlet wrong. As opposed to the tabloid's unnamed "source," Gossip Cop is told on the record by their rep that's going to be the case again here.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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