Victoria Beckham Begging David Beckham For Another Baby?

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Victoria David Beckham Baby

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Victoria David Beckham Baby

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Is Victoria Beckham really begging husband David Beckham for another baby? A tabloid is making that claim this week, but Gossip Cop can bust it. Not only is it untrue, but it is the complete opposite of what this same magazine alleged earlier this year.

In January, OK! Australia peddled a story contending David was begging Victoria for more kids. In that article, it was alleged the athlete was feeling “very broody,” but his wife wasn’t “sure she wants to go through another pregnancy.” On top of a rep for the couple confirming to Gossip Cop the tale was bogus, we explained that the narrative was likely concocted because David had recently posted on Instagram a photo of himself holding his newborn niece. We also pointed out that Victoria was already on record confirming she didn’t want more kids.

Now more than six months later, the outlet is offering the same storyline, but with the roles reversed. “Posh Begs Becks: ‘Give Me Another Baby,'” reads the headline. Of course, there is no proof she ever uttered such a statement. But, acknowledging Victoria previously said she was done having children, the publication contends she’s had a “surprising change of heart.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Victoria’s desperate for another child. She thinks it will bring them all closer together as a family.”

What supposedly changed? “In the last year, Victoria’s found her attitude to having another child thawing,” claims the unidentifiable source. It’s specifically alleged that the singer-designer’s recent family vacation also made her “nostalgic about having another little one running around.” The tabloid, however, goes on to suggest she also has an “ulterior motive.” Another child “would hopefully mean David would feel the need to be at home a bit more,” asserts the purported tipster, adding that she wants to “take the power back in her family life.”

As for how David feels, the outlet repeats its contention about him being “broody,” this time admitting it’s because of his baby niece, and the supposed “source” adds that he and Victoria would both be “thrilled if another baby came along.” Yet neither of them have publicly expressed that. In fact, in 2016 Victoria did an interview with the Sunday Times in which she declared, “I am done.”

She went on to decry tabloid rumors, lamenting, “People have been obsessed with it — she’s getting divorced, she’s pregnant, she’s getting divorced, she’s pregnant — ever since I met David.” And that’s exactly what’s going on here. After falsely claiming in May (and many times before) that the Beckhams were about to split, OK! has now returned to the baby topic. But just as these allegations were made-up and false in January, they remain so now in August.


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