Victoria And David Beckham “Barreling Towards Splitsville”?

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Victoria Beckham Split David April 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Victoria Beckham Split David April 2016

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Victoria and David Beckham are NOT “barreling towards splitsville,” despite yet another report misrepresenting the couple’s personal and professional lives. Gossip Cop can once again expose the blatant sensationalism and deliver the truth.

According to the National Enquirer, “soccer star David is taking a penalty kick — against his fashion diva wife!” The supermarket tabloid goes on to write, “The power couple has split their financial empire into separate pieces — adding fuel to the fire that the two are ready to divorce.” The story notes David “recently resigned as director of his wife’s fashion label.”

Except there was nothing “recent” about this decision. It took place in late 2014, more than a year ago. And the magazine conveniently leaves out a key detail. In focusing on how the Beckhams “split” their assets, the outlet fails to mention that they then chose to unite their two brands under an umbrella company, of which they are both co-owner.

And as hard as the National Enquirer tries to spin the business reorganization as “the latest in a series of moves fueling speculation that couple’s 17-year marriage is on the rocks,” it buries at the end what Gossip Cop has been correctly saying all along: “A family spokesperson said the marriage between the Spice Girl and the majestic midfielder is in great shape, and called the moves nothing more than an accounting issue.”

In other words, nothing to see here. And yet the gossip rag still saw fit to spend the bulk of its report distorting the situation, all under the sensational headline, “Beckhams Barreling Towards Splitsville!” This is why the National Enquirer is always barreling toward the bottom of our trash heap.


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