Victoria Beckham Trying To “Spice” Up David Beckham Marriage?

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Victoria Beckham Spice Up Marriage

By Shari Weiss |

Victoria Beckham Spice Up Marriage

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Is Spice Girl Victoria Beckham trying to add some “spice” to her marriage with David Beckham? That’s the latest rumor circulating in the tabloids. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk the salacious claim.

According to Heat, the Beckhams have created “their very own underwear room” in the Cotswolds mansion they purchased last year. It’s specifically alleged they “splashed out £60,000 [or $83,000] on the room to house their sexy lingerie, nightwear and other items.” Contends the British gossip magazine, “Obviously, it is out of bounds to their four children, so the couple have installed a security keypad on the door to stop unwanted visitors.”

The outlet goes on to claim the room was “Posh’s idea as she wants to maintain the spark in their marriage.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Of course Vic wants David to keep taking notice of her, and she’s decided that they need to bring the sexy back. She’s even been going through some of her old Spice Girls outfits that she’s kept over the years.” The publication’s supposed source asserts that the “short dresses” were “super-hot,” and since David had “favorites,” she’s focused on “wowing” him with them.

The tabloid’s article is even headlined, “Posh: ‘David Won’t Know What’s Hit Him!'” But that quote isn’t actually featured in the story itself and there’s no evidence the singer-turned-designer ever uttered such a statement. Furthermore, while the magazine contends she’s “hoping to put a little extra spice into their marriage,” Gossip Cop is told that no “insider” genuinely close to the couple would ever be discussing such matters with the gossip media. Nor would anyone in their inner circle divulge anything about a supposed “underwear room.”

In fact, Heat has spent years publishing outrageous untrue claims about the pair. For example, in the course of our investigation, Gossip Cop uncovered the below 2010 cover that strongly implied the Beckhams were on the brink of a breakup. And on the front of an issue from last August (also below), readers were told that the “fairy tale” was “over.” Of course, they didn’t split eight years ago and they didn’t split last summer either. And Victoria isn’t trying to “spice” up their marriage now. In discussing the secrets to their relationship last spring, Victoria said, “David and I have a lot of fun together.” Nothing has changed to prompt her to suddenly try to keep the “spark” alive. All remains well.



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