One of this week's tabloids claims Victoria Beckham wants to join the upcoming Spice Girls reunion tour because her fashion label has been struggling financially. The story is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

A headline in the latest issue of Star reads, "Cash-Strapped Posh Spice Heads Back To The Band!" The accompanying article says the singer-turned-designer wants a spot on the Spice Girls reunion tour, which launches in June 2019, because her beauty brand is losing money. An alleged insider tells the magazine, "Vic sees herself as way too good for the Spice Girls and a very serious fashion icon. Well, the tour sold out instantly and Victoria sees all the money they're raking in, so she's warmed to the idea of joining them."

The supposed source goes on to say that Beckham's former bandmates, Emma Bunton, Mel C, Mel B and Geri Horner, resent her sudden decision to join them after turning down the gig. "It's rubbing the girls the wrong way," says the questionable tipster. "But having everyone on stage is obviously the best move. So they're all swallowing their pride for the sake of a buck."

Nothing about the magazine's story is accurate. When the Spice Girls announced their reunion tour earlier this month, Beckham wrote an Instagram post congratulating her former bandmates, but confirmed she won't be "joining my girls on stage again." The designer went on to wish the women "so much love and fun as they go back on tour next year." The rest of the Spice Girls later supported Beckham's decision to skip the reunion tour. Mel C noted in a radio interview, "We really support each other and the decisions that we make and we really support her and she's really supporting us."

As for Beckham's fashion label, regardless of any issues with its profitability, the designer is continuing to focus on it. Just last week, Beckham announced that she's launching her own YouTube channel to support the label. Her new digital venture will include beauty tutorials, style tips and other videos related to her brand.

Despite all of the evidence disproving the tabloid's phony article, Gossip Cop also checked in with a source close to Beckham, who confirms that the story is false. Star is the same outlet that we busted in June for alleging that Beckham was getting a divorce because her husband David got their daughter's teacher pregnant. At the very least, this latest article is slightly less ridiculous, but it's no more accurate.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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