Victoria Beckham Wants To “Show World A Different Side Of Her”?

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Victoria Beckham Reality Show

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Victoria Beckham Reality Show

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Victoria Beckham wants to “show the world a different side of her,” according to a new magazine report. And she believes the best way to do that is by starring in a reality TV show with her husband David Beckham. Not only is the claim 100 percent wrong, but it’s also not new. Gossip Cop can debunk this false narrative once again.

According to OK!, the fashion designer is “toying with the idea of doing a reality series” that would showcase her private life with David and their four kids. A so-called “insider” tells the tabloid the former Spice Girl is “ready to show the world a different side of her. She’s sick of the constant rumors about her life, her marriage to David and her family.” “She thinks a reality show could give fans insight into what their lives are actually like,” adds the anonymous tipster.

Standing in her way, however, is her husband. The alleged source insists David is a “lot more private and would rather not open their lives up for the world.” Still, the supposed insider contends Victoria will “get her way eventually.”

It may be time for that tabloid to find different Beckham sources because the ones it currently uses aren’t reliable. A rep for Victoria exclusively assures Gossip Cop it’s not true. The spokesperson even mocked the premise, telling us, “Why would she do that when she has her own YouTube channel, which is direct to the whole world?”

The notion that her husband would be hesitant to sign on is also inaccurate. After all, David has always agreed to support her, appearing in all four of her made-for-TV documentaries, “Victoria’s Secrets,” “Being Victoria Beckham,” “The Real Beckhams” and “Victoria Beckham: Coming to America.” More significantly, on occasion David joins Victoria in her YouTube videos. Lastly, as for the contention that he wants to keep his personal life “more private,” a quick scan of his social media shows he often shares photos and videos of him and Victoria with their kids.

It’s curious that OK! would do this story again, considering a little more than a year ago Gossip Cop busted the outlet when it first falsely maintained the Beckham family wanted to do a reality show. It’s also interesting that the magazine didn’t mention a word about Victoria and David Beckham’s billion-dollar divorce, a bogus claim it made this past November. The reality is the tabloid doesn’t know much about the famous family.


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