Victoria Beckham Did NOT “Pee Her Pants”

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Victoria Beckham Peed Pants

By Shari Weiss |

Victoria Beckham Peed Pants

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Victoria Beckham did NOT “pee her pants,” despite a report from a facts-challenged webloid. Gossip Cop can clean up the mess.

Along with a widely-circulated photo of Beckham, MediaTakeOut declared on Tuesday, “HOW EMBARASSING!!! Soccer Star David Beckham’s Wife VICTORIA… Has A LIL ACCIDENT… She Accidentally PEES HER PANTS!!!” The site went on to write, “We’re not QUITE SURE what happened but Victoria Beckham had a BLADDER ACCIDENT the other day. She and her husband RAN OUT OF AN EVENT… with Victoria’s pants WET IN THE CROTCH AREA.”

With mock concern, MediaFakeOut ended its post, “We hope everything is OK with her.” But if the outlet was truly concerned about Beckham, it would’ve known better than to run this sensational story. Because MTO isn’t just wrong about what happened, it’s also pathetically late.

The photo in question was taken last week, and while it raised eyebrows at first, responsible outlets actually reported the truth. The explanation was quite simple, really. The Beckhams were out with pals, and the singer spilled a drink, providing so many laughs that David himself even joked about it in a recent interview.

And think about it: Had Beckham ACTUALLY peed herself, would she have really walked out with the stain completely visible to paparazzi? Odds are she would’ve covered herself in some way. But she didn’t, because when there’s a spilled drink, there’s nothing to be “embarrassed” about. If anything, MediaTakeOut should be embarrassed for being entirely wrong on what is, without a doubt, old news.


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