Victoria Beckham Helping Eva Longoria “Cope” With Baby Weight?

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Eva Longoria Pregnancy Weight Victoria Beckham

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Eva Longoria Pregnancy Weight Victoria Beckham

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Is Eva Longoria so upset with her pregnancy weight gain that Victoria Beckham has to help her “cope” with her changing size? That’s what the gossip media wants readers to believe. Gossip Cop, however, can exclusively bust the story.

It was revealed in December that Longoria is pregnant with her first child. Now several months later, OK! is alleging the mom-to-be is unhappy with her new shape and concerned about losing the weight after giving birth. According to the tabloid, Longoria is “lamenting that she’s busting out of her clothes,” but “taking inspiration for her postbaby body from her perennially slim BFF,” Beckham.

“Eva never had to work that hard to stay in shape before, and the weight gain has thrown her off,” a so-called “insider” as quoted as saying. As a result, the supposed snitch claims to the gossip magazine that “Victoria is reassuring her that she’ll get her flat belly and slim thighs back.” It’s specifically alleged Beckham even “calls Eva in the mornings to give her a pep talk, discussing how to deal with late-night cravings” and more.

And, “if they’re in the same city, they do something active together, like yoga or a hike,” contends the outlet’s purported tipster. What’s more, an alleged “source” further asserts to the publication that Beckham is “also creating outfits for Eva that will flatter her after she gives birth.” Adds the aforementioned “insider,” “It’s really helping Eva cope with all the changes.”

When Longoria discussed her pregnancy with People in February, she admitted it was “impossible to wear my old clothes” due to her change in size. And in March, Longoria actually documented on Instagram how her sweaters weren’t fitting over her growing belly. These instances are likely the inspiration for this tale. But this narrative is also suspiciously similar to an article published last week by Heat, which alleged Longoria was already conspiring with Beckham on how to lose her baby weight after giving birth.

A Longoria confidante told us the claim was “completely ridiculous,” and now a rep for Beckham tells Gossip Cop that this latest spin is also untrue. The two women are longtime friends, and Beckham and Longoria were even seen on a double date with their respective spouses last year. They are, of course, discussing the “Desperate Housewives” star’s pregnancy, but we’re assured the contentions here are all greatly exaggerated.

Aside from the typical pregnancy advice all women receive, Longoria doesn’t need help “coping,” and Beckham isn’t spending her days giving daily assistance. Additionally, Longoria often flaunts her baby bump on Instagram, including a photo posted just two days ago in which she’s wearing a bikini. Obviously, if she was that insecure about her weight, she wouldn’t be showing off her body for the whole world to see.


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