Victoria Beckham “Miserable” Over False Divorce Rumors?

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Victoria Beckham Divorce Rumors Reaction

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Victoria Beckham Divorce Rumors Reaction

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Is Victoria Beckham actually “miserable” over false rumors she and David Beckham are getting a divorce? That’s the premise of a new story about the couple. But Gossip Cop can bust it. The report is clearly just another attempt to create drama where there is none.

Last week, reps for the Beckhams strongly denied divorce rumors, backing up what Gossip Cop has repeatedly said over the last year: They are not splitting. Now a teaser on the front of Closer reads, “Posh’s Divorce Misery.” Inside the issue, the tabloid purports to know how Victoria feels about the situation.

“This never-ending speculation makes Vic feel quite miserable,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. The magazine’s supposed snitch continues, “While she knows it is part of being a famous couple, having to defend her relationship all the time is tiring and challenging. She hates the constant negative rumors about her and David and doesn’t want her children to have to read that bookmakers had been placing odds on their parents splitting up.”

It is true that it was reported bookies had suspended bets on the Beckhams divorcing, but this story is inherently flawed. It’s alleged Victoria is tired of having to “defend her relationship all the time,” yet she hasn’t actually done so. As noted above, it was the couple’s camp that spoke out to set the record straight, not the stars themselves. Neither the singer/designer nor the athlete have publicly commented on the inaccurate breakup speculation. But if Victoria was truly upset about the “constant negative rumors,” and “hates” that they’re out there, why hasn’t she personally spoken up to squash them?

The contentions clearly make no sense. As for the claim that she’s “miserable,” Victoria seemed to be in a great mood as she playfully recreated the classic “Charlie’s Angels” pose in an Instagram photo on Tuesday, one that was captioned with laughing emojis. It was also evident she isn’t upset when Victoria and David showed PDA at a fashion show this past weekend. So not only is the tabloid’s story illogical, but it’s also easily contradicted.

It seems the magazine wanted to extend the divorce narrative by claiming to know Victoria’s reaction to the fake scandal, but in the process, the outlet just spread more misinformation and stirred the pot even further. In fact, her spokesperson exclusively tells Gossip Cop this latest story is “all rubbish.”


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