Victoria Beckham NOT Divorcing Over False Rumor David Got Teacher Pregnant, Despite Report

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David Beckham Teacher Pregnant

By Gossip Cop Staff |

David Beckham Teacher Pregnant


David Beckham did not get a teacher pregnant, nor are he and Victoria Beckham on the verge of divorce. A tabloid is taking a cheating rumor it knows is false and using it to claim a “love child scandal” could lead to the couple breaking up. Gossip Cop can bust this cover story.

“Did Beckham Get His Daughter’s Teacher Pregnant?” Star asks on its new cover. The answer is no, and that has been known for weeks. Here’s what happened: In early June, a rumor went viral claiming David impregnated daughter Harper’s teacher. It was completely bogus, and even the woman’s dad spoke out to say she had never even met the soccer star. But despite this all being cleared up weeks ago, the tabloid is now using the situation to sell a salacious cover story about infidelity and an impending divorce.

The magazine claims that “with rumors abuzz that David Beckham is having a love child with his daughter’s teacher,” his marriage to Victoria is “in pieces.” It’s specifically alleged that she “broke down amid the buzz, and friends fret that the longtime lovebirds may be headed for a Becks-it.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “David has denied it so many times, he’s sick of talking about it. But Posh just won’t let up.”

Suspiciously, in another quote, the singer-designer is referenced by her given name, with the outlet’s supposed snitch contending, “Victoria believes David when he says nothing is happening with the teacher, but the damage may be done.” Real people don’t switch names in a conversation like that. Still, the alleged tipster goes on to claim, “Their fight was so big that there’s no going back. A few days after the news broke, she phoned David to ask if their marriage was done for, and he couldn’t come up with an answer.”

A purported “worried friend” further asserts Victoria is now “waiting for David to notice her enough to get back to London and decide once and for all if it’s worth continuing their marriage.” The publication apparently doesn’t know that David is already in London, as he joined Queen Elizabeth for a Young Leaders event at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday. The tabloid also doesn’t mention that David shared on Instagram two weeks ago a photo of Victoria sitting by his side at a group dinner. That was after the false cheating rumor was debunked.

Also afterward, Victoria and David showed PDA at a fashion event in London. And, as seen on Victoria’s Instagram, she and David were also together this very week to celebrate her Sotheby’s collection. It’s quite apparent they are still spending time together and she doesn’t need to “wait” for him to “notice her.” In fact, with their wedding anniversary coming up in a few days, Victoria posted on Instagram on Wednesday that she’s been “shopping for a dress for my anniversary dinner” and scored the perfect outfit for their upcoming “date night.”

Conclusion: Star has taken a weeks-old false rumor that was thoroughly disputed and is wrongly using it to claim Victoria and David’s marriage is falling apart and they may split. But their own actions of late show they remain completely united as a couple. And, as noted above, the magazine and its alleged pal are clearly unaware of David’s current whereabouts, which means the rest of the assertions aren’t the least bit credible. Gossip Cop also checked in with a spokesperson for the couple, who dismisses this clearly inaccurate cover story as “more tabloid lies.”


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