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David and Victoria Beckham are not worried that their son Brooklyn has gotten girlfriend Hana Cross pregnant, despite a made-up tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct the bogus story. There's simply no truth to it.

According to NW, the Beckhams are in a bad place as they prepare to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary on July 4 because they believe their 20-year-old son has impregnated his 21-year-old model girlfriend, who he's been dating since December. "David and Vic warned Brooklyn months ago that he was throwing himself into this relationship way too fast, but he wouldn't listen," a so-called "family friend" tells the magazine. "He's barely spoken to his parents since. They're heartbroken, of course."

The alleged source further contends that David and Victoria had asked their son to dump his girlfriend, but "instead they've gotten even more serious and Hana's been overheard talking about how they're planning on having a baby." The supposed insider adds, "Everyone else around them knows it would be a huge mistake but yet again, they refuse to listen."

The seemingly phony tipster goes on to say the Brooklyn might "snap" if his parents keep meddling in his relationship, adding, "Brooklyn knows every skeleton of his mom and dad's 20-year marriage. If they don't start treating him like an adult, everyone can see him throwing a huge tantrum and spilling all their secrets."

This entire narrative is a work of fiction. Gossip Cop ran the story by Victoria's spokesperson, who called it both false and "dreadfully offensive." Despite what the magazine's unidentified "family friend" claims, a rep qualified to speak on the fashion designer's behalf confirms the report is untrue. The Beckhams don't believe their son has gotten his girlfriend pregnant, nor has the nonexistent situation caused a rift in the family.

It should be noted, the Beckhams have a great relationship with their son. Just last month, Brooklyn posted on Instagram in honor of Father's Day. Along with a photo of David carrying him on his shoulders as a baby, Brooklyn wrote, "Happy Father's Day dad x love you so much :) you are the best and always have been." Shortly before that, Brooklyn celebrated his mom's birthday on Instagram. "Happy birthday mum," he wrote along with an old picture of Victoria holding him as a child. "I love you so much... you are the best mum and an amazing woman."

Just last month, Gossip Cop busted NW for falsely claiming David and Victoria would be divorcing ahead of their 20th wedding anniversary. That clearly isn't the case. Their son's girlfriend isn't pregnant either, nor do they fear she might be expecting. Brooklyn's relationship with the model simply hasn't caused any tension between him and his parents.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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