Top Victoria And David Beckham Rumor Of 2019: David Leaving Victoria Because Of Her Drinking

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Victoria Beckham walking with David Beckham at a wedding

By Hugh Scott |

Victoria Beckham walking with David Beckham at a wedding

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David Beckham is not divorcing Victoria Beckham because of her alleged drinking. He’s not divorcing her at all. Multiple tabloids made that claim this year and those outlets were wrong. Gossip Cop has named it one of our top rumors of the year.

The first time this bogus narrative emerged was in August. Star published a phony report asserting David was ordering Victoria to quit drinking. The article was a particularly vicious one, even by tabloid standards. The publication called Victoria an “alcoholic anorexic” and slapped David with a backhand, saying he was “no angel.” It’s just mean. And it’s just false. Gossip Cop checked with Victoria’s rep who told us the story was complete nonsense.

One month later, NW took similar shots at the couple. The publication contented David was leaving Victoria – and taking the kids – if she didn’t quit drinking. In an equally vicious story, the outlet called Victoria “Sloshed Posh.” It quoted an anonymous insider as saying, “David was furious with Victoria for drinking so much that she could barely stand up straight.” The so-called “insider” went on to say “She was stumbling all over the place and making a fool out of both of them… revealing intimate details about their [love] life and slurring her words.” Gossip Cop once again stepped in and corrected the story, as it was as fake as the previous one.

Then, two weeks after that, Star was back, asserting David and Victoria had saved their marriage and were renewing their vows to celebrate. According to the dubious report, it was going to be a big affair with a two-location party. It would start in London and then head to their new country home in the Cotswolds. As the Cotswolds are about a two-hour drive from London, it sounded like a terrible way to spend a party. Gossip Cop saw right through the shallow attempt by the tabloid to cover its tracks as the couple never divorced over Victoria’s drinking. Once again, Victoria’s rep backed our reporting, telling us the story was “all nonsense.”

Amazingly, that wasn’t even the first bogus story about the couple renewing their vows in 2019. Way back in March, OK!, a sister publication to Star, also published an incorrect story alleging David and Victoria were renewing their vows in a “star-studded” ceremony. That ridiculous story purported the party would take place in July, centered around their 20th wedding anniversary.

According to the dubious report, “Posh wants a lot of her showbiz friends to come, including all of her Spice Girls bandmates and the Clooneys, as well as a bunch of David’s sports pals,” plus Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and countless others, supposedly. It was all false. Gossip Cop busted it cold. The tabloids have shown to be totally unreliable when it comes to the Beckhams’ private lives.


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