Victoria Beckham Preparing For Custody Battle As David Tries Moving Family To Miami?

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By Griffin Matis |


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A tabloid is alleging that David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are headed for a divorce and custody battle after because the former soccer star is trying to move their family to Miami. Gossip Cop investigated the story. It’s all false.

A headline in NW reads, “Posh & Becks: Custody War Explodes.” The article claims that David intends to permanently move to Florida as he prepares to launch the soccer team he co-owns, despite his wife’s refusal to leave London. The outlet further contends that Victoria “has secretly begun carving out a new life away from David” by getting her legal team to “start working on splitting the couple’s assets” and preparing for a separation. The biggest sign of the divorce, according to the tabloid, is her refusal to “co-sign on their $67 million Miami pad.”

An anonymous source is quoted as saying, “Victoria’s been feeling incredibly uneasy ahead of David’s move to the U.S. and fears he could try to take the kids with him.They’re insisting that as long as she continues to play ball and do everything by the book to build a strong case, David will regret the day he even hinted at taking the kids from her.”

The tabloid’s report is based on claims from an untraceable “insider,” but Gossip Cop reached out to Victoria’s spokesperson, who tells us on the record that it’s “utter nonsense.” The fashion designer and her husband continue to happily live together at their London home, and he’s not trying to relocate her and their four kids to Miami. Just a few days ago, we busted Star for publishing a similarly fake story about David moving to Miami full time.

There is no $67 million Beckham home. There is a Miami mansion that made headlines when it went up for sale for $67 million in 2015, but neither Beckham has expressed any interest in or has any association with the property, which was bought in 2017. NW clearly just looked up what the most expensive listing in Miami was and lied about the Beckhams pursuing it.

The tabloid also claims that the couple’s body language in a photo together is a sign of impending doom. It’s bold to take such a significant stance from a single oddly posed photo, but if the outlet insists that photos count as proof, then their story is ruined. David’s Instagram page has a ton of lovingly taken shots of Victoria, including ones where she’s not aware he’s taking a picture. The athlete even shared a sweet 20th anniversary post that serves as a testament to the couple’s longtime love.

It’s a little weird for NW to claim that the Beckhams are just now preparing for divorce. The tabloid alleged the same thing before the Beckhams 20th wedding anniversary a few months ago, and we debunked that report. The magazine also tried to push this narrative about David moving to Miami in February 2018, only that time he was supposedly going without the kids. The reason the outlet’s stories aren’t consistent is because they’re not true.


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