Victoria Beckham Jealous Of David’s Fake Wedding For A TV Commercial?

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victoria beckham david beckham jealous

By Hugh Scott |

victoria beckham david beckham jealous

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Is Victoria Beckham jealous of David Beckham shooting a fake wedding for a commercial in which he gets married to a model? That’s the false claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

Last week, David filmed an ad for the Londoner Macao hotel alongside model Angela Yeung Wing, who goes by the stage name Angelababy. The commercial features the two tying the knot, and according to New Idea, the former soccer star’s wife isn’t happy about the fake on-screen nuptials.

According to the outlet, the imaginary wedding angered Victoria so much that she took to Instagram and posted “a rare picture of herself in a yoga move to showcase her body in a bid to get attention.” In reality, Victoria’s Instagram photo wasn’t any sort of response to her husband’s commercial. Last month, in fact, Victoria shared an Instagram photo of herself working out in the exact same yoga outfit.

The tabloid’s tale of jealousy simply isn’t true. Just days after it was published, David attended Victoria’s London fashion show, where she premiered her spring/summer 2020 collection. Following the event, the happy spouses were photographed holding hands as they walked into dinner at a fashionable restaurant with their four kids.

Earlier that day, David posted a touching Instagram photo of him and his four kids at Victoria’s show, along with the caption, “A lot of love for mummy this afternoon… Well done @victoriabeckham we are so proud as always.” Unfortunately, the tabloids frequently try to create drama between David and Victoria, despite them being happily married for the past 20 years. A source close to the couple assures us the athlete’s make-believe wedding for a TV commercial hasn’t changed that.

Gossip Cop busted New Idea in September 2018 for falsely claiming David and Victoria were renewing their vows in France, but only to recommit to each other following rumors the former soccer star had cheated on his wife with their daughter’s teacher. In addition to the couple never renewing their vows, those rumors involving their daughter’s teacher were baseless and had no impact on the couple’s marriage. In fact, Victoria fired back in an October 2018 Vogue interview, slamming the tabloids for constantly harassing them.

In April 2018, Gossip Cop called out OK! for making up a story about Victoria and David splitting over Bella Hadid. That article emerged after David was spotted having a friendly chat with the model at a soccer match in Paris. The harmless interaction was turned into a narrative of deceit and jealousy. The same can be said of this latest article involving David’s pretend wedding to promote the opening of a hotel.


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