Victoria Beckham Leaving David Over Hot Tub Selfie With Courteney Cox?

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The cover of the November 11th issue of NW

By Hugh Scott |

The cover of the November 11th issue of NW


Victoria Beckham is not leaving David Beckham because he took a selfie with Courteney Cox in a hot tub, despite a ridiculous report. The picture was taken while the two were filming cameos for Modern Family. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

The cover of this week’s NW claims Victoria is “livid” with David over his so-called “hot tub frolic” with Cox. The tabloid maintains that Victoria was so mad at a photo of her husband in a hot tub with the actress, posted by Cox on her Instagram feed, that she’s walking out on him. The tabloid quotes a so-called “source” as saying, “Victoria went ballistic. She said it was totally inappropriate. She’s done with David’s constant flirting. This fight seems like if could be the final straw.” The publication also quotes what it alleges is a “close family friend” as saying, “His behavior is just so disrespectful.”

Cox took the selfie while the two were filming a scene for the hit sitcom, and it was posted along with other photos from the shoot. Unfortunately for the tabloid, Victoria’s response to a different Instagram post by David (see below), destroys any doubt about the health of the couple’s marriage. The former soccer star shared a picture of himself going over his lines with the actress, and Victoria responded by saying she “can’t wait” for the episode and added, “Kisses.” Clearly Victoria is not on the verge of divorcing her husband, nor is she remotely upset about him filming a scene for a TV show with the Friends star. On the contrary, she’s actually excited about it.

Screenshot from David Beckham's Instagram


The truth is, the tabloids love linking David with just about every woman he comes in contact with. Over the years, Gossip Cop has busted numerous false reports of David “getting flirty,” or worse, with several women he’s worked with. Just last week, we published a story covering the various times we’ve corrected tabloids for claiming Victoria was jealous of David getting close to other women. As for NW, the publication has often shown it no clue when it comes to the couple.

In June, the magazine alleged the Beckhams were getting divorced, just one month before their 20th wedding anniversary. That article claimed because the spouses were working in different parts of the world – Victoria in London and David in Miami – they were facing a “marriage crisis.” It even went so far as to claim their four children were “already taking sides.” The whole story was bogus. Gossip Cop debunked the rumor after checking with a spokesperson for the Beckhams, who told us the couple’s marriage was going strong. As usual, time has proven that to be the case.

While this latest article purports that it’s Victoria who’s fed up with David, just last month, NW was claiming it was David that was leaving Victoria unless she quit drinking. The tabloid can’t seem to get its stories straight. One moment David is finished, and the next, Victoria is done. The truth is, neither star is fed up with their marriage. The tabloid just creates fictional narratives to sell papers, and now Cox is being dragged into the fold.


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