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Victoria Beckham caught husband David Beckham getting drinks with their son Brooklyn's ex-girlfriend, Chloe Grace Moretz? That's the baseless claim in one tabloid this week. Gossip Cop found the story to be fiction.

With the almost-clever headline "Busted Like Beckham," NW claims Victoria "caught" her husband with Moretz, his son Brooklyn's ex-girlfriend. The tabloid drops an all-too-familiar line about this Christmas possibly being the last one together for the Beckhams before deferring to an anonymous source for the rest of the story.

The tipster says Victoria herself saw David and Moretz drinking together at the Dorchester Hotel in London. "Vic had a meeting there and was shocked when she spotted David and Chloe at the lobby bar on her way out," says the supposed source. "She did a double take to check it was really them she was seeing, then stormed over to confront him. David was clearly startled to see Vic but explained he'd just bumped into Chloe."

Victoria, the insider says, told her husband he had "betrayed Brooklyn" before fleeing. The model was said to be so upset that she skipped the British Fashion Awards that night. David, the tipster assures the magazine, purely wanted to catch up with Moretz.

The tabloid then shifts focus suddenly to the less-than-superb state of Victoria's fashion brand. "It's a massive blow to their mutual brand, which is just about the only thing that's held them together through years of his cheating scandals and her work obsession," an entirely separate, but still unnamed, source adds. "As long as they had a strong business game, it was worth it to stay together — but it's looking like that glue is fading."

This piece reeks of classic tabloid writing. It's got unidentifiable sources who know things in far greater detail than any real person would ever know, and unrelated slams against the people in the story. It also requires a total suspension of disbelief. Are we to believe the witness who sold this story to the magazine didn't have a phone camera handy to take a single snap of the incident?

It's also extremely similar to a November piece from the magazine that stated Victoria "busted" David with Courteney Cox after the Friends star posted a selfie with him as they filmed cameos for Modern Family. The outlet is just repeating the same made-up narratives with the same made-up sources.

Still, Gossip Cop checked with David's official spokesperson rather than any unnameable tipster. The former soccer star's rep went on the record with us to call the whole story "complete nonsense." Moretz was indeed in London recently, but not a single other person or outlet reported anything about the actress meeting up with her ex-boyfriend's dad at one of the most famous establishments in the city.

Just yesterday, Victoria shared a sweet picture on Instagram of her husband and their daughter spending time together. There's obviously no tension or looming split for the couple. The magazine was just trying to create drama and capitalize on Moretz's presence in the city.

As we mentioned, the tabloid has a terrible track record with the Beckhams. In October, it falsely argued that David was going to take the kids and leave Victoria over her drinking. This past summer, it claimed Victoria and David were preparing for a custody battle as he prepared to move to Miami. With this latest story, the magazine continues spreading false rumors about the couple.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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