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Are Victoria Beckham and husband David Beckham pregnant with their fifth child? That's the story a tabloid tried to push back in November. Gossip Cop didn't have all the information we needed at the time to bust the story, but now we're certain we've reached the correct verdict.

"POSH & BECKS' BANDAID BABY?" reads the headline from Woman's Day Australia. The outlet notes that the "normally pencil-thin" former Spice Girl was photographed "cradling what looked like the beginnings of a baby bump." Note to tabloids: if a woman's hand happens to graze her stomach, that does not automatically mean that the woman is "cradling" a "baby bump." Honestly, that phrase needs to be retired.

The publication quotes an anonymous source as saying, "If she has fallen pregnant, Posh would be over the moon — and David even more so." The suspicious tipster continued, "Their favorite thing in the world is being parents to their three sons and littler girl, and their marriage has historically been strongest when they're expecting." This supposed insider then linked this new suspected pregnancy to the famous couples' marriage, seemingly out of nowhere, telling the outlet, "They've had it pretty rough in the past couple of years and a new baby might just be what they need to get their marriage back on track."

The truth behind Victoria and David Beckham's baby news

This particular tabloid has written stories on the Beckhams' "troubled" marriage in the past, which Gossip Cop had no difficulty debunking. It seems as if they are using their publication's own stories as a leaping off platform to push their "new baby saves marriage" narrative, but it's simply untrue.

Gossip Cop looked into this story and can definitively state it's untrue. Victoria posted pictures from when she attended the Inter Miami vs. Los Angeles Football Club game on March 1 to her Instagram page where she looks as "pencil-thin" as ever, with not even one hint of a baby bump for the former pop star turned fashion mogul to cradle.

Beyond the photos that show that Victoria obviously is not pregnant, there's her 2016 interview with the Sunday Times where she emphatically insists she's done having children. "People have been obsessed with it — she's getting divorced, she's pregnant, she's getting divorced, she's pregnant — ever since I met David," she lamented in the interview. Clearly, tabloids haven't learned their lesson quite yet.

This isn't the first time the Beckhams have been rumored to be expecting their fifth child. NW claimed that Victoria had cancelled the Spice Girls reunion tour to have another baby. Gossip Cop reached out to Victoria's rep, who insisted the story was utter "nonsense." These tabloids love to recycle the same old story as if it's new, but it's really just old hogwash.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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