Victoria Beckham “Miserable” Over David Beckham “Cheating Scandal”?

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Victoria Beckham Cheating Scandal David

By Shari Weiss |

Victoria Beckham Cheating Scandal David

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Is Victoria Beckham “miserable” over a “cheating scandal” with David Beckham? That’s what one tabloid is claiming on Friday. Gossip Cop, however, can expose what’s really going on.

“Date Night Drama! Victoria Beckham Looks Miserable During Night Amid Hubby David’s Cheating Scandal,” reads a headline on the OK! website. In the accompanying photo gallery, it’s said, “Who wouldn’t be ecstatic at a chance to dine with David Beckham? Well, his wife Victoria, for one. When the world-famous fashionista was spotted on a family date night with her hunky hubby and teenage son Brooklyn at Giorgio Baldi on August 19, Victoria’s skimpy see-through dress wasn’t what had everybody talking.”

The magazine alleges, “Instead it was Posh Spice’s mega frown that caught people’s attention.” With no further proof about there being “drama” during the night out, the outlet goes on to note, “This wouldn’t be the first time she and David have sparked divorce speculation, since their relationship has been on the rocks for years! Especially since the soccer icon was just caught mid flirt session with a hot young brunette just days before!”

But there’s a few things Gossip Cop can set straight. First off, Victoria didn’t look “miserable,” nor did she have a “mega frown.” As the pictures clearly show, she is merely looking down to see where she’s walking as she exits the restaurant with David right behind her. Contrary to the publication’s claims, no one is “talking” about it, because she looked as anyone might when making his or her way onto a busy sidewalk, as intrusive photographers take her picture.

Second, David wasn’t caught in any kind of “flirt session,” much less a “cheating scandal.” Similar to now, OK! and its sister outlets, like Star and RadarOnline, merely sensationalized paparazzi photos, as if it’s a crime for the soccer star to speak to a woman who isn’t his wife. And third, the “divorce speculation” has all come from these outlets, and the other tabloid under the same umbrella, the National Enquirer.

Gossip Cop has consistently and rightly busted the “relationship turmoil” reports, which no evidence has emerged to support. That’s why OK! has resorted to now writing a whole piece around a couple of photos just in the hopes of continuing the false saga and scoring some web clicks. But the magazine isn’t even describing the pictures accurately. It’s pathetic. And, by the way, while OK! says this “miserable” nighttime outing happened on August 19, which would be today, it actually took place earlier this week. Like we, said pathetic.

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Victoria Beckham is miserable over the David Beckham cheating scandal.

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