Victoria Arlen, Val Chmerkovskiy Dance On “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (VIDEO)

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Victoria Arlen ellen DeGeneres Show

By Shari Weiss |

Victoria Arlen ellen DeGeneres Show

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Victoria Arlen and Val Chmerkovskiy danced to “Look What You Made Me Do” on Monday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The “Dancing with the Stars” contestant also opened up about her remarkable health journey. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Arlen contracted two rare neurological conditions as a child, putting her in a vegetative state. She was unexpected to recover, but after four years, she incredibly relearned how to eat and speak. She was still paralyzed from the waist down, however, but amazingly learned to walk again last year. A Paralympic gold medalist, Arlen is now competing with Chmerkovskiy on season 25 of “Dancing with the Stars.”

While in the vegetative state, Arlen was aware of what was going on and able to hear but unable to communicate. She recalled to DeGeneres, “You wouldn’t believe what people say when they think you’re not ‘there,’ especially doctors and stuff. So I had to kind of find that inner fight within me, but I have an amazing family that just loved me tremendously and I just had so much life left that I wanted to live, so I wasn’t done yet. I didn’t really care what the doctors were saying. I was pretty set on living, and not just living but really making every moment count.”

At age 10, before the health crisis began, Arlen told her mom that she wanted to be on “Dancing with the Stars” one day. Now 23 years old, her dream has finally come true. This is Chmerkovskiy’s 13th season on the ABC ballroom competition, and he called his partnership with Arlen “very special.” He went on, “I’m so incredibly grateful that ‘Dancing with the Stars’ trusted me with this incredible miracle, and I’m treating it as my own miracle as well. I’m doing my very best to give her the time of her life. She’s been through so much, I just hope I can deliver on that.”

Arlen still has no feeling in her legs, which Chmerkovskiy proved by playfully biting her thigh. That adds to the challenge of the competition, but she credits her pro coach’s confidence in her as a motivator. And to show just how well things are going, the pair did a tango to Swift’s hit. Check out the video below!

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