‘The Bachelor’ Finale Recap: Nick Viall, Vanessa Engaged (VIDEO)

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Nick Viall The Bachelor Finale Recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Nick Viall The Bachelor Finale Recap


Nick Viall got engaged on “The Bachelor” finale to Vanessa. But before he proposed, Nick first introduced Vanessa and Raven to his parents and went on one last date with each woman. Get “The Bachelor” finale recap and watch the proposal below!

The final episode of this season’s “The Bachelor” began with Viall unsure of which woman to propose to and afraid he would get rejected again. For the last dates, he headed to Rovaniemi, Finland, where his family came to offer advice and meet with Raven and Vanessa. His mom, Mary, asked whether he had a “favorite,” but Nick admitted he didn’t.

Raven was the first to meet with the bachelor’s family. She actually already met his folks and little sister Bella back in Wisconsin. Bella, who had a good time with Raven back in the U.S., told the bachelorette, “I hope he picks you.”

After Raven spent time with Nick’s dad Chris, he told the camera that he liked her “maturity” and that he could “definitely see Raven fitting in with the family.” Mary also felt the bachelorette “seemed like an honest, trustworthy person… Can’t imagine her hurting anyone.” And when Nick’s mom asked him what thought of Raven, he gushed, “She’s fantastic.

When Vanessa arrived at the house where Nick’s family was staying, his dad began by giving her the third-degree about who she was and where she’s from. She explained she was born and raised in Montreal, and is a special needs teacher. During some private time with Nick’s mom, Vanessa said she loved Nick, but voiced that she was “afraid [about] what if we’re not ready.” Then, when talking to Chris, she again expressed that there were things that needed to be worked out and that the whole process was “scary.” Nick’s dad told the camera after their talk that he was convinced “she loves him,” but he confessed that he was afraid Vanessa would “hurt Nick.”

For Nick’s last date with Vanessa, the two rode horses in the snow up some mountains. They then went to a shack in the Arctic Circle, and out came Santa Claus. Vanessa exclaimed that she was “so excited.” Inside the home, Santa asked Nick what she wanted, and he replied, “Love.” Vanessa told Santa her wish was “ending up happy with the person I love.” Santa then gave Vanessa a heart-shaped gift, with her and Nick’s images on it, along with the symbols for happiness and fertility.

Later, while sitting outside by a fire and then again that evening in her room, Vanessa told Nick that she was afraid of the “unknown” and his inability to fully reassure her that they’d be together. Nick noted that he’s been rejected twice before and is now “very careful” with his “willingness to express things.” He did reveal, however, “When I’ve been with you, I’ve only thought of you.” Nick and Vanessa then kissed on a couch before he left for the night.

Next up was Raven. For their last date, they went ice skating on a frozen lake, which was reminiscent of their one-on-one date in Milwaukee during which they roller-skated in Milwaukee. “It’s coming full circle,” said Raven. The two laughed and kissed a lot on the ice. “She always put me in a good spirit,” Nick told the camera.

Over drinks, Nick told Raven he’s “stressed,” but that he cares so much for both her and Vanessa. Raven then wanted the bachelor to know she has “no hesitation” and was “ready,” if he proposed. Nick then thanked her for alway being “so sincere.” They then made out before he left.

Naturally to create drama, Nick expressed the next day how unsure he was, and his uncertainty over whom to propose. He then met with jeweler Neil Lane, who said everyone was “rooting” for him. And like Vanessa and Raven, Lane gave him two diamond rings to choose from.

First up was Raven, who recalled some of the times they shared together, and told Nick she “couldn’t be more sure and I love you.” After telling her he how much respects her, in tears Nick said he loved her but was not “in love” with her. He actually seemed more hurt that Raven, who even thanked him as she got into her car. She wondered in the car, “What could I do differently” and even questioned whether she would ever be able to find love.

When Vanessa arrived, Nick told her he remembered the “first moment” he fell in love with her, and that he’s fallen more and more in love with her every day. The bachelor noted that when he looks at her, he doesn’t think of his past, but only sees his future. She then thanked him for “taking another chance on love.” He then dropped down to one knee, presented her with the diamond ring he picked, and asked Vanessa if she would marry him. Of course, she said, “Yes.” Vanessa also accepted his “final rose.” Check out the clip below of Nick proposing to Vanessa.

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