Vanessa Williams Talks New Show “Daytime Divas” On ‘GMA’ (VIDEO)

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Vanessa Williams Good Morning America

By Holly Nicol |

Vanessa Williams Good Morning America


Vanessa Williams appeared on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America,” where she spoke about her new show “Daytime Divas.” Watch the full “GMA” interview below!

The actress sat down during a live segment on the morning show to talk about her new series, but first shared with the panel how she spent her Memorial Day weekend. “I just got back from D.C., I sang at our national Memorial Day Capitol concert. It was a teary event,” she said.

Williams continued, “Just story after story of courage, and what people did to put their lives on the line for us. It was my second concert that I’ve done for memorial day, and it makes you feel so proud to be an American. So privileged to be here in this amazing country, and every time they call, I feel it’s my duty as an American to show up and do my best. I sang ‘Let There Be Peace On Earth,’ and that couldn’t be more appropriate right now.”

Williams then spoke about her new television show, which is loosely based on Star Jones’ novel “Satan Sisters.” On her feisty character, Williams said, “Maxine Robinson is the producer and star of the show, so she would be the Barbara Walters position. A journalist who has a stellar career and has assembled these women for different points of view.”

She went on, drawing clear comparisons to “The View,” of which Jones was a former co-host. “The name of the show is called ‘The Lunch Hour,’ the actual show we pretend to have, but the diva part comes from Star [Jones],” Williams noted. “Not only was Star on a talk show, but she gets stuff done in a way that’s so elegant and sassy, she is the epitome of a diva. I think that the ‘divaliciousness’ comes from Star.” Watch the full interview below!


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