Vanessa Lachey “Dancing With The Stars” Wardrobe Malfunction NOT “Staged”

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Vanessa Lachey Wardrobe Malfunction DWTS

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Vanessa Lachey Wardrobe Malfunction DWTS


Vanessa Lachey’s apparent wardrobe malfunction on Monday’s “Dancing with the Stars” was not “staged,” contrary to a report. Gossip Cop can set the record straight. A rep calls the claim “absolutely false.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Lachey and Maksim Chmerkovskiy performed a quickstep for this week’s movie-themed broadcast. Their routine was inspired by old-timey musicals and was very fast-paced. At one point, as they danced across the ballroom floor, the overlay skirt on Lachey’s short dress fell to the floor. They kept on moving right along and host Tom Bergeron ran out to move the clothing item out of the way.

Following the performance, a breathless Lachey said, “Oops. I swear that was not planned to lose my skirt right in front of the judges. It looks like bribery!” She then joked, “Hey, if it’s for extra points, I’ll take it.” Veteran judge Carrie Ann Inaba said it reminded her of a moment from way back in season one, when Kelly Monaco didn’t let a wardrobe mishap distract her from the routine. And guest judge Shania Twain admitted she “wasn’t sure if it was meant to happen at that moment or not,” but it “didn’t matter” regardless.

Now RadarOnline is sensationalizing the situation, blaring in a headline, “‘DWTS’ Fakery: Vanessa Lachey ‘Staged’ Wardrobe Malfunction!” According to the webloid, the contestant will “clearly do anything it takes to bring home the coveted Mirror Ball trophy – even if it means losing her clothes!” And this incident, contends the site, “may not have been an accident after all.” A so-called “source backstage” is quoted as claiming, “Vanessa’s dance last night was flawless, but her skirt ripping off was totally staged!”

Actually, Lachey’s dance wasn’t “flawless.” Bruno Tonioli pointed out a misstep and she ended up tying for fourth place with 36 points out of 40. So already this “source” has a questionable credibility. Still the supposed snitch goes on to assert, “She is so thirsty to win now that she is willing to do anything to stay on air. She isn’t stupid. Before Vanessa was a celebrity in her own right, she was an entertainment new reporter, so she definitely knows how to make headlines. Vanessa is loving the attention she is getting right now.”

Well, most stars love the attention they get through the show. That’s why many of them sign on. Tellingly, though, the outlet’s “source” maintains Lachey is “willing to do anything to stay on air,” yet never explains how faking a wardrobe malfunction would keep her from being eliminated. Heck, this story doesn’t even mention any of the aforementioned comments that were actually made during the show about what happened. It’s almost as if this tale was penned by someone who didn’t actually watch what went down and isn’t all that familiar with the show.

Costume issues are a regular hazard of the job, so there isn’t anything inherently suspicious about what happened here. And considering that the contestants and pros show quite a bit of skin every week, the notion that Lachey thought “losing her clothes” would help her stay in the competition doesn’t make much sense. Nothing inappropriate was shown as a consequence of losing the long skirt and she continued dancing in a perfectly acceptable outfit without issue. There was no sympathy to be gained by what happened and no real advantage to be had.

Gossip Cop also spoke with a rep for Lachey, who tells us the allegation that she “staged” the incident is “absolutely false.” And, going back to the matter of credibility, we’d be remiss not to remind readers that RadarOnline is the same outlet that wrongly claimed earlier this month that Chmerkovskiy wouldn’t be returning to “DWTS.” Perhaps it’s time the webloid finds some better backstage sources. Video of Lachey’s non-scandalous wardrobe malfunction can be seen below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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