Vanessa Kirby is confirming what Gossip Cop has said all along: She is not dating Tom Cruise and most certainly isn't marrying him. The actress spoke out in a new interview, months after the tabloids first wrongly linked the Mission: Impossible 6 co-stars romantically.

Back in March, In Touch and Perez Hilton were the first to wrongly claim Kirby and Cruise were dating, and he wanted to "make her the next Mrs. Tom Cruise." Gossip Cop exclusively busted the claims. Far from being a potential new wife for the actor, we learned the pair barely knew each other. In May, though, RadarOnline revived the untrue dating rumors after Cruise and Kirby were spotted "locking lips" on the Mission: Impossible set. Of course, their kiss was done on-camera and in-character. It was not any evidence of a real-life relationship.

Still, In Touch then alleged Cruise was vetting Kirby to become his fourth wife. But nothing had changed in their dynamic. They were still simply professional colleagues and nothing more, as Gossip Cop reported at the time. The narrative then disappeared until October, when the tabloid brought it back with a story again claiming Cruise wanted to make Kirby "the next Mrs. Tom Cruise," and even planned to marry her "by early next year." HollywoodLife, which regularly doesn't fact-check before regurgitating tales from gossip magazines, further spread these assertions, even though there was still no merit to them.

Then, just two weeks ago, The Inquisitr wrongly announced Cruise had "plans to marry Vanessa Kirby in 2018." That report just rehashed the already debunked claims from earlier in the month. Gossip Cop again stressed that the contentions weren't true, as the two weren't even a couple, let alone preparing to walk down the aisle. And now Kirby herself is backing up our reporting.

In an interview featured by the Daily Mail, Kirby says, "There's literally zero truth in it. I've been in a relationship for two years! The rumors came out after I'd met Tom, once, in a roomful of people. We hadn't started filming, and all of a sudden we're getting married! It's so bizarre. My boyfriend found it hilarious."

The actress, who suggests the gossip media went with the storyline because they were unaware of her actual relationship, notes she never even discussed the "ludicrous" claims with Cruise. "I didn't bring it up. And he never mentioned it. I don't think he even knows. The whole thing's ridiculous." Ridiculous indeed.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is accurate to the best of our ability.


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