Vanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler Split Over Zac Efron?

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Side by side shots of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler at a movie premiere and Zac Efron on the red carpet

By Andrew Shuster |

Side by side shots of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler at a movie premiere and Zac Efron on the red carpet

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Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler’s recent split had nothing to do with Zac Efron, despite a false tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus story. It’s completely made up.

The news broke last week that Hudgens and Butler had ended their romance after more than eight years together. NW is jumping at the opportunity to pin the blame on Efron, who the actress dated from 2005 to 2010 after meeting on the set of High School Musical. “They’re back in touch with each other,” a supposed source tells the outlet. “Vanessa is probably never going to get over him. They got together way too young and both had other things they wanted to achieve.”

Efron had a health scare while filming a survival reality show in Papua New Guinea last month. The actor reportedly contracted a bacterial infection and had to be rushed to a hospital in Australia, but he made a swift recovery. The magazine is using the incident as the “catalyst” for his supposed reunion with Hudgens. “Vanessa felt sick when she heard the news and reached out immediately,” says the unknown insider. “They got chatting and it was just like old times. All those feelings came flooding back.”

The questionable tipster goes on to say that Hudgens decided to dump Butler after reconnecting with Efron. “She had a great time with him over the years, but her heart will always belong to Zac,” says the seemingly imaginary source. “It took almost losing him for good to make her realize she needs to be honest with herself.”

NW is simply tying together Hudgens’ breakup and Efron’s health scare – which are completely unrelated events. E! News, a much more reliable source for celebrities, correctly reported that Hudgens and Butler split due to the distance between them. The exes have been shooting separate projects on different continents and the time apart took a toll. The reputable outlet even mentioned the possibility that the two “could find their way back to one another.” Efron’s name wasn’t mentioned in the article as he’s a non-factor.

People magazine, another trusted source for celebrity news, reported that Hudgens and Butler were talking about getting engaged prior to their breakup, but “busy work schedules and travel definitely put a strain on the relationship.” That article didn’t reference Efron either.

Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who confirms that NW’s report is total fiction. This is the same tabloid we busted last month for falsely claiming Charlize Theron might be pregnant with Efron’s baby. That scenario was insane. This latest storyline might be slightly more down to earth, but it’s no more accurate.


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