Vanessa Ferguson ‘The Voice’ Audition Video: Watch ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ Performance

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Vanessa Ferguson The Voice Audition

By Shari Weiss |

Vanessa Ferguson The Voice Audition


Vanessa Ferguson turned three chairs during the final Blind Auditions on season 13 of “The Voice” on Tuesday. Watch below!

The 31-year-old Brooklynite is classically trained, but revealed she was often compared to Alicia Keys in her youth. Indeed, her heart lies with R&B and hip-hop. “I’m going to go on stage and set it on fire,” the aspiring star vowed.

And with “Don’t Let Me Down,” she got Keys, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton to all hit their buttons and give a standing ovation. Adam Levine amusingly admitted afterward, “I’m probably not your favorite person right now, because I’m the only person who didn’t turn… Once these three dorks turned around, I’m like, ‘Now I look stupid.’ I’m a dumb dummy.”

Shelton also confessed, “I’m probably not the guy were thinking.” Ferguson insisted that wasn’t true, and the country superstar went on to praise, “For you to step out there and hit that note and hold it out there for the length you held it out there, that’s one of my favorite things about your voice.”

Keys appreciated Ferguson’s “vibe” and song choice. “I can imagine what I’m going to discover about you,” she said, adding, “I would like to help you bring all of you out.” And Gwen Stefani revealed, “Honestly, from the moment the song started, I was in.” Similar to Keys, she also said, “I want to discover more about you.”

But Ferguson will be going on that journey on Team Alicia! Check out the video below!

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