Valerie Ponzio “The Voice” Audition Video: Watch “Ring Of Fire” Performance!

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Valerie Ponzio The Voice Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Valerie Ponzio The Voice Audition Video


Valerie Ponzio turned all four chairs with a Johnny Cash cover on Monday’s “The Voice.” Watch below!

Ponzio currently performs as a country duo with her boyfriend, but auditioned for the NBC music competition solo. Her unique voice led Gwen Stefani to push her button first, and shortly after, Alicia Keys heard a riff that made her hit hers, too. At the end, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton turned around as well for a clean sweep.

“You got four!” Stefani excitedly yelled. Interestingly, Levine thought Ponzio’s voice resembled each of them at various points in her Blind Audition. “You are the most well-rounded singer, I think, for this particular panel of judges that I really kind of ever heard,” he told her.

Ponzio confirmed they were all “influences,” but admitted to “idolizing” Stefani. The No Doubt front woman responded, “That’s crazy, because I’m actually obsessed with you now, and I would love to work with you.” Stefani even went on stage to kiss the contestant’s cheek.

Naturally, Shelton was pleased to hear Ponzio describe herself as “country americana,” and touted his “Nashville relationships” and the loyalty of country fans. “Let’s not goof around with this,” he advised. Levine, though, suggested she do something “different,” and not confine herself to a “category.” Shelton seemed to take this as a personal insult, accusing his three colleagues of essentially saying, “Don’t pick Blake.”

So, who DID she pick? Ponzio still chose to join Team Blake! Check out the video below.

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