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Usher and Quantasia Sharpton have not settled their herpes lawsuit, despite a claim. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this inaccurate report. Sharpton's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, tells us there's "no truth" to the speculation.

MediaTakeOut, however, is exclaiming in a headline, "MTO EXCLUSIVE: R&B Singer Usher Has Allegedly PAID Off The BIG CHICK Suing Him For HERPES... And She's On INSTAGRAM... Bragging About All Her NEW MONEY!!! (Find Out HOW MUCH She Got.)" Incorrectly spelling Sharpton's first name, the webloid writes in its article, "Remember last month when a woman named Quantashia [sic] sued USHER - saying that he exposed her to Herpes. Quantasia Sharpton gave a press conference with her lawyer LISA BLOOM at her side."

"Well now rumors are swirling online that Usher may have SETTLES [sic] her lawsuit," contends the site, alleging, "And Quantasia (or someone pretending to be her) is on social media - bragging about having $2 MILLION in her bank." The outlet includes three purported social media screengrabs, the first of which features the text, "When you check your bank account and see 2 Mill." The second says, "I got one, two, M's in my back account. Oh God." And the third features a picture of a woman counting money with the caption "mood." But while MTO, in its headline, attributes these posts to Sharpton's Instagram page, they do not currently appear on her alleged feed.

In addition, there's been no legal documentation of an agreement. Now Gossip Cop has learned Sharpton had not been "paid off" by Usher, nor are they attempting to settle out of court. Bloom tells us exclusively that there's "no truth whatsoever" to MediaFakeOut's settlement speculation. "We are aggressively prosecuting the case and there have been no settlement talks at all," the attorney tells Gossip Cop. She significantly adds, "Those posts were not from her nor from her page."

As Gossip Cop reported, Sharpton appeared at a press conference last month to discuss her lawsuit against Usher. She alleged they hooked up at a hotel following an Atlanta concert "a few years ago." "He never warned me about any STDs," she insisted, noting, "When I first heard reports that he had herpes, I couldn't believe it. I had a child a year ago, and I knew I was negative. But I contacted Lisa Bloom to find out what my rights are as a woman."

"Although I am negative, I was upset by the reports, because I would never have consented if I had known. I would not have taken a risk of getting an incurable disease," Sharpton said, further telling the assembled media, "I feel that my rights were violated. I am speaking out today on behalf of myself and others, some of whom are positive and afraid to speak out publicly. I am doing this so he does not do this to anyone else. Usher, if you are negative, please say so. If you are positive, you need to warn your sex partners so they can make their own informed decisions."

Despite facing several lawsuits, Usher has not publicly commented on his status or addressed any of the claims himself. Gossip Cop will continue to present facts, not fiction, about this matter as appropriate.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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