Usher Did NOT Get Married On August 15, Despite Still Wrong Report

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Usher wedding date

By Michael Lewittes |

Usher wedding date

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Usher is married, as Gossip Cop reported, but he did not have a wedding on August 15, as claimed by a certain webloid, which we rightfully busted for its inaccuracy.

That, however, did not stop MediaTakeOut from gloating over the weekend about its so-called reporting. The webloid wrote on Saturday, “ TOLD YOU GUYS that Usher was getting married – on August 15th – to Grace Minuel.”

Before we continue with the rest of the site’s mistakes, let’s examine the blog’s first sentence. Usher did NOT get married on August 15th. As the singer’s rep exclusively told Gossip Cop, MediaFakeOut’s claim was “absolutely not true.” Secondly, he did not eventually wed “Grace Minuel,” he married Grace Miguel.

In its latest misfire, MediaTakeOut inexplicably linked to Gossip Cop’s mid-August bust of its original and equally untrue story, along with the commentary that “some folks ain’t believe us.” Well, we were 100 percent right not to believe the webloid since Usher and Miguel wed a few weeks later in September, not August. MTO also threw into its newest fail that the newlyweds “got custom Lauraine Schwartz wedding rings.” The designer’s name is actually spelled “Lorraine.”

So to recap, basically the only thing MediaTakeOut got right was linking to Gossip Cop, which is great because it finally exposed the webloid’s readers to some accurate reporting.

Of course, we’re not surprised that MediaFakeOut got the story and virtually everyone’s names wrong. This is the same site that Gossip Cop busted for hilariously claiming in 2009 that Usher had “converted to Judaism.”


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