Usher “Chains” Music Video: Singer Is Victim Of Police Brutality – WATCH

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Usher Chains Music Video

By Andrew Shuster |

Usher Chains Music Video


Usher has released the new music video for “Chains,” a song centered around police brutality against black people and a remembrance of the lives that have been lost. Watch the somber and powerful video below.

The black-and-white music video features lots of disturbing imagery, such as guns and handcuffs crumbling to dust and Usher walking through his own funeral service witnessing his friends and family mourning him. There also many shots of young black men praying as one hears the lyrics, “We still in chains” and “You put the shame on us.”

This is now the second music video for the song “Chains,” which also features Nas and Bibi Bourelly. Back in October, Usher released an interactive music video for “Chains” titled “Don’t Look Away.” The interactive experience had viewers activate their webcams to use facial recognition technology. Viewers were then asked to look into the eyes of various victims, including Trayvon Martin, as “Chains” played. If the viewer looked away from the screen, the song would stop, and the words, “Don’t look away” would appear. Watch the second powerful new music video for “Chains” below.


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