Usher Accuser Quantasia Sharpton: I Feel “Violated” (VIDEO)

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Usher Accuser Press Conference

By Shari Weiss |

Usher Accuser Press Conference

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Usher accuser Quantasia Sharpton came forward on Monday as one of the three new people suing the singer over his alleged failure to disclose he has herpes. At a press conference with attorney Lisa Bloom, she explained why she’s filing a lawsuit even though she tested negative for the disease. Watch the video below.

Reading prepared remarks, Sharpton began by saying, “I love Usher’s artistry and music. I went to a concert of his with some friends a few years ago to celebrate a birthday. I was wearing a birthday crown, and because of that, I was selected to go backstage before the show. Later, a security guard picked me out and asked me for my number. He told me Usher had seen me backstage and was interested in me.”

Sharpton, who was 19 at the time, said later that night, “I got a call from Usher on a blocked number, asking me what hotel I was staying in and the room number.” She went on, “About an hour later, he arrived. We spoke for a while, and then we engaged in sexual contact. He never warned me about any STDs… I never heard from him again.” Sharpton further shared, “When I first heard reports that he had herpes, I couldn’t believe it. I had a child a year ago, and I knew I was negative. But I contacted Lisa Bloom to find out what my rights are as a woman.”

“Although I am negative, I was upset by the reports, because I would never have consented if I had known,” she continued. “I would not have taken a risk of getting an incurable disease. My health is very important to me, especially now that I am a mother. I feel that my rights were violated. I am speaking out today on behalf of myself and others, some of whom are positive and afraid to speak out publicly.”

Sharpton added, “I am doing this so he does not do this to anyone else. Usher, if you are negative, please say so. If you are positive, you need to warn your sex partners so they can make their own informed decisions.” Indeed, Usher’s camp has remained silent since reports broke last month that he secretly settled a 2012 lawsuit after allegedly infecting a woman with the sexually transmitted disease. After news of that settlement spread, an unidentified woman sued Usher for $20 million late last month after finding out she had contracted the illness.

And on Friday, it was revealed a man and two new women were suing Usher, too. Sharpton is one of those women, and Bloom says she has been contacted by “several other individuals” as well. In her own comments at the press conference, the lawyer acknowledged that it has not been confirmed Usher has the disease, but he has not denied any of the claims to date. “By filing this lawsuit, we seek to ascertain the truth,” Bloom said. “We hope the reports are not true. We hope that Mr. Raymond is negative and that this can all be cleared up quickly.”

She continued, “We hope that he has not knowingly endangered his sex partners, fans who revered him and were thrilled to receive his personal attention.” Noting that “more people may be added” to the lawsuit “in the days to come,” Bloom said, “No one in America, even a popular celebrity, is above the law, and everyone, even ordinary people who find themselves swept away by a superstar, has the legal right to be respected, which includes being warned about STDs so each woman can make a decision about her own health and her own body.”

Usher not only has not commented about the growing situation, but he has also been off social media for several days. Gossip Cop will continue to have updates as appropriate. Check out video of Sharpton speaking below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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