Uma Thurman Body-Shamed For “Middle-Aged Gut”

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Uma Thurman Body Shamed

By Shari Weiss |

Uma Thurman Body Shamed

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Uma Thuman is being grossly body-shamed after wearing a bikini to the beach. Gossip Cop can reveal what’s going on.

On Thursday, RadarOnline posted a story declaring Thurman has “mom bod,” with the mean-spirited headline exclaiming, “Action Hero No More! Aging Uma Thurman Has A Middle-Aged Gut.” Without even bothering to post the photos to which it is referring, the webloid says, “It’s not fiction. Uma’s looking pretty pulpy!”

“The Kill Bill star’s formerly fit figure has sprouted an unsightly middle-aged paunch. The blond beauty was spotted frolicking in France, wearing slightly more than a smile,” states the site. If that wasn’t cruel enough, the bad blog goes on to give a backhanded compliment, asserting, “Still, it’s a big improvement over the shot we snapped a few weeks ago.”

The disreputable outlet finishes out its piece by mentioning Thurman’s custody battle with her ex. “Has all the baby stress turned the ‘Kill Bill’ star to carbs?” asks the sensational and often facts-free publication. Of course, Thurman looked just fine a few weeks ago AND just fine when she donned a bikini this week. She also happened to be in St. Barts, not France, but that’s the least of the problems with this story.

The issue is RadarOnline needlessly commenting negatively on Thurman’s body for the sake of clickbait traffic. This has become a relatively routine practice for the webloid. In February for instance, Gossip Cop called out the distasteful site for body-shaming Janet Jackson just weeks after she gave birth. Other past victims include Kim Kardashian and Tori Spelling.

The true worth of these women is not measured by their appearance. And a “middle-aged gut,” which Thurman doesn’t even have, by the way, does not make her an “action hero no more.” There is nothing “unsightly” but RadarOnline trying to pass off body-shaming as journalism.

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