U2 ‘SNL’ Performance Of “American Soul” – WATCH VIDEO

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U2 performed “American Soul” on this week’s “SNL.” The song is the fifth track off of the band’s latest album Songs Of Experience. See the video below of U2’s performance of “American Soul” on “Saturday Night Live.”

This is the very first time the band has sung “American Soul” on TV. It’s also the first time they’ve performed the song live. A little more than two weeks ago, U2 released a lyric video for “American Soul” that intersperses live action and animation.

U2’s appearance on “SNL” marks the fourth time they’ve performed on the sketch comedy show. A couple of times they have broken with the tradition of playing two songs. For their first appearance in 2000, the Irish band stuck with two songs, “Beautiful Day” and “Elevation.” But when they returned in 2004, U2 first sang “Vertigo” followed by “Sometimes You Can’t Make It on Your Own.” But that wasn’t all. As the show was ending and guest host Luke Wilson was saying goodbye, the group performed “I Will Follow.”

U2 again did more than the standard two allotted songs when they returned in 2009. They sang “Breathe,” “Moments Of Surrender,” and “Ultraviolet (Light My Way).” And when the show was over and the cameras stopped rolling, they actually played a fourth song for the studio audience.

While the band has never appeared in a skit, the group’s frontman, Bono, was in a taped bit in November 2007 when Brian Williams hosted the sketch comedy show. In the digital short, the former NBC Nightly News anchor let a camera crew follow him on an “average day,” which included taking time to calm his nerves through “the ancient art of meditation.” And that was achieved by Bono himself telling a Zen-like Williams, “You’re way cooler than me. I’d do anything to be you.”

Of course, Bono has been mimicked and mocked over the years on “Saturday Night Live.” In 1994, for example, Adam Sandler performed a St. Patrick’s Day song as Bono, and sang about a number of odd, alternative things one can do on the holiday instead of drinking. Others who have impersonated the singer on “SNL” over the years include Andy Samberg, Alec Baldwin, Chris Kattan, and Colin Farrell.

Check out the video below of U2 performing “American Soul” on “Saturday Night Live.” NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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