Tyra Banks Makeup-Free Selfie: “You Deserve To See The REAL Me” (PHOTO)

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Tyra Banks Makeup Free Selfie Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Tyra Banks Makeup Free Selfie Photo


Tyra Banks wants you to know what a supermodel looks like without makeup, without a filter, without any photoshopping or airbrushing. See the photo at right and below.

Banks posted the makeup-free selfie to Instagram on Wednesday, after snapping the picture first thing this morning. “You know how people say #nofilter but you know there’s a freakin’ filter on their pic? Or maybe there’s a smidge of retouching going on but they’re lying and saying it’s all raw & real? Well, this morn, I decided to give you a taste of the really real me,” she explained.

The “America’s Next Top Model” host went on to admit, “I wanted to smooth out my dark circles so badly!!! But I was like, ‘Naw, Ty. Show ’em the REAL you.'” Banks continued, “So…here I am. Raw. And there YOU are…looking at me, studying this picture. Maybe you’re thinking, ‘Whoa, she looks ROUGH.’ And if you are, great! You deserve to see the REAL me. The REALLY real me. #RawAndReal”

Banks candor was appreciated by virtually all those who commented, including the fan who wrote, “This pic makes me feel 10 times better inside. Because, it shows that even the prettiest girls ever look rough in the morning and have flaws, but you know, that’s what makes them beautiful too right? Well I’m glad to truly realize I’m not the only one.”

Check out the full picture below. What do you think of Banks showing her “REAL” self?

Tyra Banks Without Makeup Photo



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