Tyler Perry: Oprah Created Own Book Club For Godson (VIDEO)

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Tyler Perry Son Book Club Oprah

By Shari Weiss |

Tyler Perry Son Book Club Oprah


Tyler Perry reveals Oprah created a special book club for his son, for whom she was named godmother last year. Check out the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Perry and longtime girlfriend Gelila Bekele welcomed a baby boy named Aman in December 2014. In February 2015, it was confirmed that Oprah would be the child’s godparent. And on Friday’s “Tonight Sow,” Perry shared that she’s given the “best gift” because her “toys didn’t make noise.”

“She gave me a basket of books for him that will take him from the crib to off to college,” Perry told Jimmy Fallon. “So he has his own book club. Isn’t that cool?” It’s even called “Aman’s Book Club,” but it’s unknown if any of the books included are ones Oprah has featured in her famous book club over the years.

There is one drawback, though. “But now he wants me to read everything to him that’s in the basket,” Perry said of his son. “It’s like I’m reading all night.” As the TV-film mogul and Fallon went on to bond over reading to their children, the conversation devolved into a fit of giggles with the topics actually becoming not-so-kid-friendly.

Perry suggested he could create a nursery rhyme called “Tickle Me Black Man,” and Fallon joked that his bedroom activities with mommy would be a “short story.” “It’s not a picture book, thank goodness,” he quipped. Watch below!


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