Tyga Refuses To Talk Kylie Jenner “Unless You’re Going To Pay For It” (VIDEO)

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Tyga Refuses Kylie Jenner Questions Video

By Shari Weiss |

Tyga Refuses Kylie Jenner Questions Video


Tyga refuses to talk about his relationship with Kylie Jenner “unless you’re going to pay for it.” Check out the video below.

The rapper makes the comment in the newest installment of the Yahoo series “I Yahoo’d Myself.” Host Nick Axelrod can barely ask about Jenner before Tyga cuts him off saying, “Let’s go to another question.” Axelrod tries again, and Tyga again asks to move on. “Nothing,” he says, “unless you’re going to pay for it.”

Tyga laughs when Axelrod asks how much it would cost. “Priceless,” he responds. The Yahoo personality then segues by pointing out the “negative press” Tyga and Jenner face, in part due to the paparazzi. Asked how he deals with it, Tyga answers, “You don’t deal with it.”

“It’s like Pac-Man, and they’re like the little things trying to chase you, while you trying to light up and get all the fruits of life that you can get,” Tyga explains in a rather unexpected analogy. “You gotta stay focused so you can glow up and go to the next level.”

Jenner is the sub-text again when Tyga reveals Kanye West is his dream collaborator. “I feel like you can make that happen, I feel like over a family dinner,” says Axelrod. Watch below, and tell us what you think.


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