Story About How Tyga “Misses” Kylie Jenner, Wants To Be In Delivery Room Is Fake News

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Tyga Kylie Jenner Delivery Room

By Michael Lewittes |

Tyga Kylie Jenner Delivery Room

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A new report claiming Tyga misses Kylie Jenner and wants to be in the delivery room when the pregnant reality star gives birth to Travis Scott’s baby is fake news. The claim comes from HollywoodLife, a site known for frequently fabricating phony articles. Not only is the latest story absurd on its face value, but after looking into it, Gossip Cop is also told it’s a lie.

For starters, it’s hard to take seriously a website that asserts it has inside information, but when discussing Jenner refers to her “alleged pregnancy” and “reported pregnancy.” The reality star is pregnant, not “allegedly” or “reportedly.” That said, HollywoodLies, as it’s known, nonsensically writes that Tyga “misses [Jenner] so much, he’s wanting to be present for the reported pregnancy.” The often discredited outlet quotes a seemingly manufactured “source close to the rapper” as saying, “Tyga wants to be in the delivery room with Kylie, supporting her as she gives birth to her baby.” The same almost assuredly nonexistent and fake “source” maintains Tyga texts Jenner “whenever he feels lonely, which is all the time.”

Of course, as HollywoodLies was concocting this untrue tale, the rapper shared a picture of himself hardly looking “lonely.” While in Thailand, Tyga posted a photo on Instagram of him riding a motorcycle with model Juliana Herz, who’s in the music video for his song “Temperature.” Notwithstanding his desire to outwardly appear happy, and the fact that Jenner is having Scott’s baby, the repeatedly wrong site has its phony insider contend that Tyga told Jenner “if Travis can’t be there on her big day, he would love to fill in.” Doesn’t the blog mean on her “alleged big day” or her “reported big day”?

Naturally, it’s lunacy that Tyga wants to be in the delivery room with Jenner as she gives birth to her current boyfriend’s child. Does Tyga also want to bring up Scott’s baby? Maybe even pay for Scott’s kid’s education? Regardless of HollywoodLife’s history of publishing fake news, Gossip Cop still looked into the claims. When we asked an actual Jenner insider whether Tyga has reached out and offered to be in the delivery room with her, the confidante responded, “What?!” Meanwhile, a source within Tyga’s camp called HollywoodLies’ story an series of expletives we can’t reprint, but the gist of it was that the site’s story is untrue.

To say HollywoodLies has little credibility when it comes to stories about Tyga and Jenner is an overstatement. For months in 2015, when they were still together, the untrustworthy blog published a slew of inaccurate reports about her being pregnant with his baby. One article published in August of that year was titled, “Kylie Jenner Two Months Pregnant With Tyga’s Baby.” Two hours after that phony tale, the site made up another fictitious piece about “Why Everybody Knows About The Baby Except Caitlyn Jenner.” Suffice to say, Jenner was not pregnant then and everybody knew the outlet was lying.

Kylie Jenner Pregnant


To be sure, HollywoodLies churned out a slew of more fake news stories about the two, including additional tales about them having a baby and getting married, but those articles were all fabricated. Curiously, just a few months before falsely alleging the rapper misses his ex-girlfriend and wants to be in the delivery room with her when she gives birth to Scott’s baby, the habitually disproven blog asserted Tyga was going to get “revenge” on Jenner with a reality show about how great his life is without her. Much like that claim, the only thing “missing” in the outlet’s latest report is the truth.