Story About Why Tyga Is “Obsessed With Dating Kylie Jenner Look-Alikes” Is Made-Up

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Tyga Kylie Jenner Look Alike

By Michael Lewittes |

Tyga Kylie Jenner Look Alike

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A new story that claims to know the reason why Tyga is “obsessed with dating Kylie Jenner look-alikes” is made-up. The article was crafted by HollywoodLife, a site that often manufactures fake news. Gossip Cop is told the entire story is fabricated.

According to HollywoodLies, as it’s known, Tyga is “pass[ing] the time” with Jenner clones until he and his famous ex-girlfriend get back together. The often discredited outlet maintains that even though the rapper is often seen with women who strongly resemble her, Tyga “won’t settle down with the look-alikes.” It should be noted, he also didn’t settle down with Jenner.

The blog, which has issues with logic and accuracy, then has one of its seemingly concocted sources say, “Kylie fits the profile of Tyga’s ideal woman, physically.” A sentence later, though, the site’s alleged insider adds that for Tyga it was “more than just what [Jenner] looked like.” To clarify, Tyga’s “ideal” physique resembles Jenner, but it was not just “what she looked like,” so now he’s dated an endless stream of women who could be her twin?

But that’s not the least of HollywoodLies’ problems with its latest report. The website’s seemingly made-up “source” tells the blog that even though Jenner had a baby with another man, namely Travis Scott, “Tyga truly believes deep down in his heart that they’re not over… He’s just playing a waiting game for now.” The very next phrase is, “That’s not to say that he’s sitting around.”

To clarify, while Jenner brought a child into this world with her new boyfriend, Tyga is fairly certain the two of them are “not over.” And he’s just “waiting” for them to get back together, but is doing that, as the outlet notes, by recently hanging out at “a nightclub with a brunette woman who definitely resembled his 20-year-old ex.”

It sometime feels as if no one at HollywoodLife thinks through their fake news stories before slapping them together and posting them online. Just to remind everyone, this is all coming from the same untrustworthy outlet that Gossip Cop busted when it swore up and down that Tyga was doing to do a “revenge” reality show about Jenner, as well as releasing “intimate videos” of her. It’s also the site that absurdly claimed during her pregnancy that Jenner was open to reconciliation with her ex-boyfriend and, just two days before giving birth, regretted having Scott’s baby instead of with Tyga. And it’s the same blog that said there was a chance Tyga was going to drive Jenner to the hospital when she went into labor.

Even though HollywoodLies’ made-up articles speak for themselves, Gossip Cop still checked in with a source close to Tyga. While it’s true Tyga goes out with Jenner look-alikes, because he clearly has a look, we’re told in no uncertain terms that the website’s stories are “fiction.” Check out some of the outlet’s phony and occasionally contradictory reports below.

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