Tyga Arrest Warrant For Money Owed Landlord

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Tyga Arrest Warrant

By Shari Weiss |

Tyga Arrest Warrant

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An arrest warrant for Tyga was issued in California on Tuesday. He could be arrested and taken into custody by police should he have any run-ins with cops.

The bench warrant was ordered by a judge after the rapper failed to show up to court for questioning over an unpaid $480,000 judgment. Tyga was supposed to pay that amount to a former landlord, who claimed he was stiffed after Tyga failed to pay rent on a Malibu home, and left the residence a wreck. While the landlord won the cash, the music star hasn’t paid up.

And so, the landlord’s lawyers were expected to interview Tyga in court today about his finances. And not only did he not attend, but in his absence, the landlord took issue with the performer’s extravagant lifestyle. According to TMZ, it was specifically pointed out that Tyga just gifted girlfriend Kylie Jenner with a $200,000 Maybach for her birthday.

The argument goes, of course, is that money for such things should be going towards the judgment he owes, not personal luxuries. As Gossip Cop has reported, Tyga has had various money woes in recent years. In February, a landlord tried to evict Tyga from a Hollywood Hills home, and in March, the landlord of Tyga’s clothing store filed a lawsuit for damage to the property as well as unpaid rent.

Then, in April, Tyga’s Lamborghini was to be repossessed and he was sued for $450,000 in back payments. Through it all, though, he still seems to be living the high life. That now may be catching up to him… and could land the star behind bars. We’ll have updates.


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