Tyanna Jones “Stay” American Idol Video: Watch Singer Make Emotional Comeback

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Tyanna Jones Stay American Idol Video

By Shari Weiss |

Tyanna Jones Stay American Idol Video


Tyanna Jones made an emotional comeback on Wednesday’s “American Idol,” performing “Stay during the Billboard Hot 100 hits-themed night. Check out the video below.

The contestant’s stellar turn came immediately after finding out she received enough votes for last week’s performance to make the Top 7. It was a big relief, as Jones, loved by the judges for her voice, seemed to struggle over the last few weeks. But with inspiration from her grandmother, Jones gave a poignant performance that culminated in her breaking down as soon as the song ended.

Harry Connick Jr. told the 16-year-old afterward, “One of my favorite things about what you just did was how you held your emotions in check and it felt like you were on the brink of breaking down because you had such a personal connection to the song.” The judge said it was more moving to see her holding it together, as opposed to crying through the track. “It was extremely touching,” said Connick, further adding, “You have this slow bravado that works on every song that you do. I thought your voice sounded beautiful. I thought it was fantastic and beautiful.”

Keith Urban went on to tell Jones, “You have such a maturity in your voice for 16,” and even said if no one had ever heard Rihanna’s “Stay” before, the contestant’s version would be a “hit song.” “You sang it beautifully,” said the country superstar.

Jennifer Lopez started off by acknowledging, “The past couple of weeks I felt like you lost your way and you had to dig deep.” She then commended Jones, saying, “That’s what you did [now]. Because that’s where you live and that’s where you shine. That voice is so heavenly. Everything just camke together in the right way today.”

With that reaction, there’s a good chance Jones will make it into the Top 6 next week with ease. Watch below!


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