Twitter Reacts: Ryan Lochte Dropped By Sponsors Speedo, Ralph Lauren

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Ryan Lochte Dropped Sponsors

By Shari Weiss |

Ryan Lochte Dropped Sponsors

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Ryan Lochte is facing fall-out from his Rio “robbery” scandal with the announcement that he’s been dropped by at least two sponsors, namely Speedo and Ralph Lauren. Now fans and critics alike are reacting to the news.

As Gossip Cop reported, Lochte has admitted to “over-embellishing” his claims that he was robbed at gunpoint while in Rio for the Olympics. In truth, an armed security guard demanded payment from the athlete after he allegedly vandalized a gas station. During Lochte’s interview with Matt Lauer, he acknowledged that potentially losing sponsors as a result of his behavior would be a consequence with which he’d have to live.

Now the ax is starting to fall. Speedo was the first major company to cut ties, and a short time after, Ralph Lauren said it would not renew its contract with Lochte. Now Syneron Candeal, which was working with the swimmer for its Gentle’s Laser Hair Removal system, is also putting an end to its partnership. And, as has been the case since the start of this saga, people on Twitter have had a lot to say on the matter.

@adamdalmation tweeted in response to the announcement, “That’s great!” A thrilled @DavidJWhite640 exclaimed,” #LochteLied SO #Speedo AND #ralphlauren HAVE SAID GOODBYE, TO THIS STUPID, IDIOT WHO EMBARASSED HIS COUNTRY, FAMILY, TEAMMATES!” @PaulH asked, “First Speedo’s now Ralph Lauren. Good! Who next?”

“I love how Speedo will now donate to a charity in Brasil, after they quit sponsoring Lochte. Poor ‘kid,’ said @akniG_. @JarodKintz1 posted, “So @RyanLochte lost his @Speedo sponsorship. That’s life. What now? His brand is global, so he should start his own party company.” @SusanEsparza commented, “WTG, Speedo for dropping Lochte.” And @GA_TA_Cathi suggested, “Maybe #Speedo #RalphLauren should give Ryan Lochte’s sponsorship fee to help fund the #Paralympics.”

Meanwhile, @Cluain7 argued, “BUT, there is a cynical side to it which is the PR from doing this. Speedo not squeaky clean. Let he who has not sinned cast…..” @AlaninSoFlo joked, “‘Speedo drops Lochte.’ Thank goodness in that order.” @Nickrob stated, “In solidarity with Lochte I will no longer wear Speedos.” @MCFanSided also cracked, “Surprising that Speedo would drop Ryan #Lochte, considering a big part of their whole business is based on supporting d*cks.”

And a few people outright disagreed with the latest development. @justinnails tweeted, “Speedo has dropped Ryan Lochte. I’m not a Lochte fan and I don’t 100% believe either side but this absolutely bugs the hell out of me.” @WillBeaubien remarked, “@SpeedoUSA I’m not Lochte fan. You are too ‘Butt Hurt’ over this. Get over yourself. I’m not buying Speedos anymore. You have no loyalty.”

“Not condoning what #Lochte did but I wish corporations & lobbyist cut ties with politicians as quickly as they cut ties w/athletes,” said @1CricFan. @pensfanEA insisted, “@SpeedoUSA BAD choice to drop Lochte over a mischaracterization of a an utter Misunderstanding #languagebarrier #gun #demands4money #2early.” @BiasedGirl also wrote, “I can’t support this effort to shame Lochte and his sponsors.”


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