Twitter Reacts: Jimmy Fallon Slammed For Donald Trump Interview

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Jimmy Fallon Donald Trump Reaction

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Fallon Donald Trump Reaction

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Jimmy Fallon is getting slammed for having Donald Trump on Thursday’s “Tonight Show.” See Twitter reaction below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Trump sat for an interview on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” for the third time since announcing his run for president. This appearance, however, has prompted a blacklash from those who think it was irresponsible of Fallon to have him on the show because of Trump’s behavior throughout his controversial campaign. It’s being argued that inviting Trump onto the light-hearted program essentially condones and rewards his offensive actions.

‏@Ateeya tweeted, “Jimmy Fallon blew it tonight. Late night comedians used be the court jesters of culture. Humanizing a xenophobe is not okay.” @palebirdy sarcastically commented, “Awww Jimmy Fallon ruffled Trump’s hair and then goofed around with him for ten minutes. What a funny, adorable response to fascism!” @KAmorphous said, “Jimmy Fallon is an exaggerated example of what the MSM is doing. Humanizing a monster. The most dangerous thing you could do.”

“When you are neutral in the presence of racism and bigotry, you are part of the problem Jimmy Fallon,” wrote @rjoseph7777. @TimODee16 told the host, “Jimmy Fallon: Don’t put Trump on TV & treat him like a buddy & muss his hair. It humanizes a monster. Stop it.” And @aurabogado said, “Was Jimmy Fallon supposed to do a hard-hitting interview? Of course not. Was he supposed to shower a racist with love? No. Not that, either.”

Of course, others, particularly Trump fans, seem to believe the criticism is an overreaction. @TrumpSuperPAC posted, “#TRUMP on Jimmy Fallon was YUGE! #Hillary is boring and no fun, America needs to get it’s sense of humor back!@19_MDG_85 questioned, “Why do #HillaryClinton voters act like this? Over short Jimmy Fallon interview? These ppl are SO mentally unstable.” @JoshNoneYaBiz also pointed out, “So much tolerance and acceptance from the ‘Love Trumps Hate’ party being shown toward Jimmy Fallon….”

@laura_stietz remarked, “The best thing about all the Jimmy Fallon tweets is seeing the liberals go off the deep end with anger. #Priceless.” And quite a few noted that Fallon’s “Tonight Show” isn’t typically the place for hard-hitting interviews, anyway. “Has Jimmy Fallon finally gone soft? What happened to the Fallon of my youth who once questioned Henry Kissinger on his role in Cambodia?” @Ethan_Booker sarcastically asked.

And @PaulGangarossa stated, “Jimmy Fallon the comedian being criticized for not being Jimmy Fallon the journalist? Calm down, internet.” For his part, Fallon has not responded to the criticism.

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