Twitter Reacts: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Commander-In-Chief Forum

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Twitter Reaction Commander In Chief Forum

By Shari Weiss |

Twitter Reaction Commander In Chief Forum


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump participated in the first-ever Commander-In-Chief Forum on Wednesday. Now Twitter users are sounding off on the political event. Check out reaction tweets below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Clinton and Trump were both invited by NBC News and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) to participate in a discussion about national security and military issues. While Matt Lauer led the Q&A, the audience was filled with veterans, who had the opportunity to ask questions. Clinton was on stage for the first half of the event, while it was Trump’s turn during the second half.

As the program aired live on NBC and MSNBC, a number of viewers tweeted commentary in real time. Clinton’s segment started off with Lauer grilling the former Secretary of State on her email controversy. That led @coldwomaninmn to tweet, “#NBCNewsForum Wtf!? This isnt a forum! THIS IS A WITCH HUNT. Disappointed as hell w @nbc.”

But as the event went on, @ServiceTogether said, “Tough questions being asked by vets right now at @iava #CommanderInChiefForum.” At one point, Clinton and Lauer talked over each other, prompting @Maria4America to snark, “Old Hill’s nasty temperament starting to show! #NeverHillary #CommanderInChiefForum.” Others questioned Lauer’s behavior during the dialogue.

“It’s unfortunate that HRC is so much smarter than Lauer. It does a disservice to the issues that should be addressed,” said @jkarsh. ‏@sheryltee_ posted, “Somebody let #MattLauer know this is not about him. Stop cutting her off. #CommanderInChiefForum.” And @Lane4HRC similarly said, “Matt– shorter questions if you have limited time– a forum is to exchange ideas — so stop cutting her off!. Meanwhile, @jjmfry opined, “I think @HillaryClinton thinks she’s intimidating by standing up… Or maybe she’s trying to prove she’s not ill??”

Wh‏‏en it was Trump’s turn, he won praise from some supporters. @MarthaWolkonsky posted, “@NBCNews I think the sincerity in trumps concern for veterans is sincere.” @BrandonBast exclaimed, “Wow.. @realDonaldTrump CRUSHED @HillaryClinton tonight. She looked so weak!” And @PhinsTweets also tweeted, “Already see MSM trying to spin this into a bad night for Trump. Please STFU. This has been a great event for Trump.”

Of course, like Clinton, the business mogul had his critics, too. @KAmorphous complained, “We have allowed this bloated, racist, sociopathic imbecile to rise this high. There is something very wrong with us.” And @Oot_Spuginov argued, “Unqualified @realDonaldTrump sounds Iike a candidate for class Prez, not #POTUS during #CommanderInChiefForum. Hyperbole, indefensible BS.”

And Lauer was slammed again, too. After Trump denied being in favor of the Iraq war, @timsimms tweeted, “#NBCNewsForum Hey Matt, that lie about being against Iraq is where you’re supposed to FACT CHECK a candidate.” @StarkyLuv73 urged, “Make him answer the question, Matt!.”

@peddoc63 also questioned, “Is Matt Lauer asking a question or attacking Trump? Notice the difference in tone.” Later this month, Clinton and Trump will go head-to-head at the first presidential debate, moderated by Lester Holt. Gossip Cop will once again have live reaction then.

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