Twitter Reacts: Brad Pitt Golden Globes Appearance Gets Loud Applause

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By Shari Weiss |

Brad Pitt Golden Globes Applause


Brad Pitt received surprisingly loud applause at Sunday’s 2017 Golden Globes, which marked his first awards show appearance since his split from Angelina Jolie. See Twitter reaction below.

Pitt was not one of the night’s previously announced presenters. But when he unexpectedly came on stage, he received enthusiastic cheers from the star-studded crowd. Among those shown on camera applauding was Matt Damon. And then the claps continued to the point where Pitt had to wait to do his presentation, which was for Best Motion Picture – Drama nominee Moonlight. The moment was noticed by many watching at home.

A fan with the Twitter handle ‏@benarmishaw felt, “Brad Pitt just got an applause burst as if he just returned from war #GoldenGlobes.” Meanwhile, account holder Renee ‏asked, “Am I the only one that thinks that Brad Pitt got all that applause because he’s NOT with Angelina?” And @mojanglezzz tweeted, “Looks like we know which side Hollywood is on in the Pitt/Jolie drama #BradPitt applause for days.” “The applause that #BradPitt just got made it VERY clear whose side of the Brangelina divorce Hollywood is on #GoldenGlobes,” similarly added ‏@jdouts.

A Twitter user with the handle @authorellafox wrote, “lol to #bradpitt getting mad #applause at #GoldenGlobes it’s so obviously because of the divorce. guess Angie isn’t popular.” “This uproarious applause means, ‘we always hated Angelina!’ right? #BradPitt #goldenglobes,” opined ‏@MauraLorgan. And ‏@n8coombs tweeted bluntly, “Extended applause for Brad Pitt = big by proxy f**k you to Angelina #GoldenGlobes.”

As Gossip Cop reported, last week Star published a completely false cover story claiming Jolie and Kate Hudson would have a “showdown” over Pitt at the Golden Globes. We exclusively reported that would not happen, and in fact, neither Jolie or Hudson even attended the ceremony. Still, for whatever reason, it’s clear Pitt had the support, or at least admiration, of many in the room.

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