Twitter Reacts: Kim Kardashian ‘First Lady’ Interview Magazine Photos Channeling Jackie O

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By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian First Lady Reaction

(Interview Magazine)

Twitter is very divided over Kim Kardashian’s new shoot for Interview magazine, in which she channels First Lady Jackie Kennedy. See the mixed reaction tweets and photos below.

The controversial pictorial was revealed on Monday, shortly after Kardashian co-hosted “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” On the cover, the reality star is a dead-ringer for Jackie O, with the text declaring, “America’s New First Lady Kim Kardashian West & her daughter North West.” The magazine stopped short of deeming the 4-year-old the “First Daughter,” but she is featured in many of the photos, which Kardashian made available for sharing on social media.

The imagery immediately caused a stir on Twitter, with very polarizing reactions. @RealityRebonica bluntly asked, “Did @InterviewMag really just compare Kim Kardashian to Jackie O.?! Last time I checked the former First Lady wasn’t a fame whore.” @KatchKenda commented, It is laughable to call Kim a First Lady. She could never be Michelle O or Jackie O. Hell, she’s barely even Marilyn.” @GeorginaMarlene said, “ok I get [our] actual First Lady & her husband ain’t sh*t but Kim honey what is this?”

@playboicardi exclaimed, “I can’t believe this f*cking magazine diSRESPECTED MICHELLE LAVAUGHN ROBINSON OBAMA and titles kim kardashian as the ‘new First Lady’ WRONG!” @saritanoelle even said, “Kim Kardashian ain’t the First Lady of sh*t.” @Nothinbuttreble wanted to know, “And just how, why or when did Kim K become America’s new First Lady?!” @JanvierNoir remarked, North is a beautiful & precious little child. But this cover is asinine. Kim has contributed nothing to society. Why compare her to Jackie?” Others, however, were more supportive and less bothered.

In fact, one fan, @holyKKW, shared a photo with the caption, “When Kim is a better First Lady than the First Lady herself.” @Gota_de_L1uvia posted, “why are we mad about that kim k cover? she’s on her jackie onassis steez. not like our current first lady is worth a damn…”@FreckleyLesley expressed, “I hate that they’re comparing them to First Lady/Daughter but damn Kim & North look so good on this new cover.” And @CoolBeansJones approved, saying, “That Kim k ‘First Lady’ shoot concept and execution was perfect… done correctly.” See the photos Kardashian shared on Twitter below.


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