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Tom Selleck’s time on Blue Bloods has garnered quite a few rumors over the years. Fans of the series have taken the actor’s portrayal as Police Commissioner Frank Reagan so seriously that Selleck is occasionally saluted on the street by members of the NYPD. Other outlandish stories from the tabloids, however, have been busted by Gossip Cop. Here is what some of the tabloids have claimed about Selleck.

Tom Selleck Dying?

In February 2019, the National Enquirer alleged Tom Selleck was leaving Blue Bloods due to poor health. This was incorrect. The bogus story purported the actor was dying from an “incurable disease” and he didn’t have much longer to live. A supposed source told the outlet Selleck was “falling apart” to the point where he needed a stunt double for “simple scenes.” Gossip Cop checked with a spokesperson at the time for Selleck who confirmed the story was absurd. Not only has the actor not left the show for any reason, he is signed on for Season 11.

Courteney Cox and Tom Selleck Reunite

In the fall of 2019, the Globe falsely claimed Selleck’s former costar, Courteney Cox was in talks to play his on-screen love interest on Blue Bloods. Selleck’s character is a widow and the tabloid alleged the character would reveal his secret romance during the 200th episode that would “introduce his new squeeze during the traditional Sunday family dinner that has become the heart of each episode." For Friends fans, this would be a dream come true, of course. Cox and Selleck famously played a couple on the iconic sitcom, but that wasn’t happening for Blue Bloods. The 200th episode had already aired by the time the publications's phony story came out, making the outlet’s premise completely ridiculous.

When the tabloids weren’t preoccupied with creating bogus stories about Selleck’s character, occasionally, the papers would go after his personal life.

Tom Selleck To Reveal All His Dirty Secrets?

In April 2019, the National Enquirer was busted by Gossip Cop again for asserting Selleck was writing a “scathing tell-all book." The article insisted the actor’s memoir was going to be both “controversial and vindictive” and “blow the lid off his ugly divorce" to his first wife, Jaqueline Ray, as well as open up about many of the famous women he's dated over the years. While it was true that the actor is releasing an autobiography, it was untrue that the book would be a tantalizing “tell-all.” The book’s publisher, HarperCollins, detailed the synopsis of the book, which would provide a “rewarding” look into the actor’s life that "combined heart and head, work and home, hard-fought wisdom and renewable optimism." The book is due out in September.

Tom Selleck Living Apart From His Wife?

Most recently, Gossip Cop dismissed the Globe for boldly declaring Tom Selleck was living separately from his wife, Jillie Mack. The magazine contended Selleck moved out of their home and into a hunting lodge on their 65-acre California ranch. "After 32 years of marriage, he and Jillie realized they have very little in common, so they agreed to give each other some space and come together only a couple hours a day,” a so-called source told the magazine. We reached out to a spokesperson for the actor to clarify the situation and we were told that Selleck and Mack were not living separately from one another. The two are still very happily married.


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