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Some sensational rumors are going about Ellen DeGeneres’ treatment of her staff members. Rumors are circulating that several crew members from The Ellen DeGeneres Show are unhappy about the mistreatment they received from the daytime host and her apparent mean streak. Gossip Cop has rounded up some of the stories from tabloids we’ve investigated about DeGeneres and her alleged intimidating manner.

Ellen DeGeneres Is The Meanest Person Alive?

In April of this year, it was purported by the Globe that Ellen DeGeneres was the “meanest” person alive on social media. The outlet’s premise was based on various negative tweets about the host’s treatment of people. A supposed source told the paper, "A new staff member was told 'every day she [Ellen] picks someone different to hate.” Another tweet claimed DeGeneres got a waitress fired because she complained about the server’s nail polish. Gossip Cop looked into these tweets and found some discrepancies in these stories. DeGeneres never had a waitress fired because of how her nails look. As for DeGeneres “picking on someone” just for fun, that was also a bit too far-fetched to believe. We also took into account the tabloid’s unreliability in the past on reporting DeGeneres, which why we determined the story was mostly false.

Ellen Is Quitting Her Show?

A few months later, Woman’s Day asserted DeGeneres was going to quit her show due to the allegations against her. The tabloid insisted the host was under scrutiny after several members of her crew spoke out against her character and because they had to take pay cuts since the pandemic with coronavirus happened. Supposed sources were worried about DeGeneres’ professional future and the bad press was going to culminate in the comedian canceling her show. Despite the rumors and negative criticism, DeGeneres was receiving, Gossip Cop couldn’t find any evidence that she was going to quit her show.

Stop Bullying Ellen!

Weeks later, the Globe claimed DeGeneres felt she was being “bullied” by the recent attacks against her. The magazine maintained the popular daytime host was “plagued” with anxiety and restlessness following reports she was a “mean” person. “Ellen insists she’s done nothing to deserve this hostility and feels like she’s being bullied,” a dubious insider claimed. While DeGeneres might have been feeling the heat from being portrayed a certain in the way media, it was also hard to believe the host was victimizing herself. Also, the Globe has been known to stretch the truth with DeGeneres before.

Ellen Is Jealous Of Portia de Rossi?

An example of this is when the tabloid brought into question her marriage to Portia de Rossi. In June, the Globe proclaimed DeGeneres was jealous of de Rossi’s cooking show. An alleged insider claimed de Rossi felt DeGeneres was being unfair to her and a “hog” because the host didn’t want to share the spotlight with her wife. Gossip Cop corrected the phony story but pointing out that DeGeneres has been very supportive of her wife’s hobby.

Ellen's Tirade Happened Before?

Last year, another tabloid tried to insinuate DeGeneres was jealous of de Rossi’s business venture. The magazine, Life & Style incorrectly claimed DeGeneres was “acting jealous and demanding” towards her wife. The story further contended that DeGeneres’ overbearing behavior has led to “brutal fights” between the spouses with supposed friends fearing the two would be divorcing. Gossip Cop ran the story by a source close to the couple who denied the story and confirmed the couple “literally have never been happier.” Our reputable also confirmed that DeGeneres was very supportive of her wife.

Listen, everyone doesn’t always get along with their bosses, so there's a chance that some of DeGernes’ employees had an unpleasant experience with her. But, do demean and discredit her character without valid proof and to also insinuate she treats her wife poorly is a bit much. Gossip Cop, however, will continue to investigate these stories and get to the bottom of what’s happening.


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