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Princess Diana lived the last days of her life being hounded by the paparazzi, so it’s no surprise that the people’s princess’ death brought about the same amount of scrutiny, if not more so. Since Princess Diana is no longer around, much of the media focus has centered around her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as her ex-husband, Prince Charles. The rumors surrounding Prince Charles are particularly vile, since many imply, or outright claim, that the next king of England had something to do with his ex-wife’s untimely demise.

Princess Diana’s Marriage And Divorce From Prince Charles

Princess Diana and Prince Charles, who wed in 1981 in a wedding ceremony watched across the globe, had a tumultuous marriage which eventually led to their divorce in 1996. Part of the reason for the divorce was Prince Charles’ relationship with his future wife, Camilla Parker Bowles. The two had dated briefly in the '70s, but eventually went on to marry other people.

Prince Charles’ Affair With Camilla Parker Bowles

It was rumored that Prince Charles and Parker Bowles carried on an affair for a number of years, which was all but confirmed in the infamous 1992 “Camillagate” phone sex leak. Even before the news of the affair was confirmed to the public, Princess Diana was reportedly aware of what was going on between her husband and Parker Bowles.

According to Diana: Her True Story, in which freelance author Andrew Morton taped several candid conversations between himself and Princess Diana, the late mother of two confronted Parker Bowles at a party in 1989. This confrontation was to let the older woman know that Princess Diana was aware of her and Prince Charles’ dirty secret. Clearly, that didn’t put an end to whatever was going on between the two, since in 1996, after 15 years of marriage, Princess Diana and Prince Charles divorced. Parker Bowles had divorced her husband the year before and would eventually go on to marry Prince Charles in 2005.

Princess Diana’s Death

A year after she divorced Prince Charles, in 1997, Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris. A 1999 dossier about the accident by French officials found that the driver was intoxicated at the time of the crash and had lost control of the vehicle after driving nearly twice the speed limit. Though paparazzi are often blamed for Princess Diana’s death, there’s little evidence that anyone from the press caused the accident. The paparazzi weren’t the only ones supposedly responsible for the death of Princess Diana. Some pointed a finger at the British royal family and accused them of somehow orchestrating the accident.

Conspiracies Surrounding Princess Diana’s Death

Princess Diana wasn’t the only casualty in the accident. Along with the driver, Princess Diana’s boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, was also killed in the crash. Fayed’s father, Mohamed Al Fayed alleged that both Princess Diana and his son were purposefully killed because their relationship caused embarrassment for the British royal family.

The dossier dispels that allegation, however, since it was proven that the driver’s blood alcohol levels were almost three times the legal French limit. Also refuted in the report were rumors that the ambulance transporting Princess Diana to the hospital was driven slowly in an attempt to keep the late princess from receiving the medical attention she needed, as well as reports that Princess Diana might have been pregnant.

She was not expecting another child and the nature of her injuries kept the ambulance from driving too fast in order to keep from injuring her further, the dossier revealed. Despite these findings, rumors about the cause of Princess Diana’s death, and the possible involvement of the royal family, namely Prince Charles, still continue to spread to this day.

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“If an international ban on mines can be secured it means, looking far ahead, that the world may be a safer place for this generation's grandchildren.” – Princess Diana, 1997 Today in Angola The Duke of Sussex will retrace his mother’s steps to see the legacy of her work and how her connection with this community helped make the elimination of landmines a reality. In 1997 Diana Princess of Wales visited Huambo to bring global attention to the crisis of landmines and the people whose lives were being destroyed. Two decades later, the area has transformed from desolate and uninhabitable to lively and vibrant, with colleges, schools and small businesses. The Duke is humbled to be visiting a place and a community that was so special to his mother, and to recognise her tireless mission as an advocate for all those she felt needed her voice the most, even if the issue was not universally popular. Princess Diana’s visit helped change the course of history, and directly led to the Convention against Anti-Personal Landmines, also known as the Ottawa Treaty. Today, with the support of @thehalotrust, Angola now has a stated aim under the Treaty to be clear of known mines by 2025. Despite great progress, 60 million people worldwide still live in fear of landmines every day. During his visit today, The Duke will walk along the street which was once the minefield where his mother was famously pictured. #RoyalTourAfrica #RoyalVisitAngola Photo©?PA

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Prince Charles’ Involvement In Princess Diana’s Death

The Globe and the National Enquirer, indisputably two of the most disreputable, salacious tabloids in the world, are behind many of the rumors concerning the nature of Princess Diana’s death and just what Prince Charles’ involvement in it were. These outlets’ claims, as proven by the French dossier on the accident, are not only cruel, they’re also blatantly false. Regardless of the truth, these outlets continually push the narrative that Prince Charles was somehow responsible for Princess Diana’s death.

In spring 2019, the Enquirer reported that Queen Elizabeth wanted her grandson, Prince William, to seize the throne from Prince Charles. A highly dubious source told the outlet that after Prince William takes the throne, “Charles, who is accused of murdering William's mother, Diana, is likely to be exiled along with Harry, his wife and their newborn son, Archie.” Not only would the four members of the royal family be exiled, but Prince William would also supposedly declare them to be “threats to the Crown,” and would move to “strip them of their titles.”

Naturally, the outlet, nor it’s unknown “insider” provided any evidence to support their claim that Prince Charles had anything to do with Princess Diana’s death. The article was also built on the faulty premise that Queen Elizabeth has any control over who her successor is. Parliament, not the Crown, determines the line of succession, meaning the queen cannot dictate who will sit on the throne next.

The next false accusation comes from the Globe. This outlet’s ridiculous article detailed a meeting Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, had with the supposedly secret daughter of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, who warned the duchess about her erstwhile father. It goes without saying that Prince Charles and Princess Diana never had a so-called “secret” daughter, though the outlet maintained that the woman, conceived via a fertility test, not only existed, but that she held secret knowledge about Prince Charles’ involvement in Princess Diana’s death.

If this sounds more like fiction than reality, you’d be correct. The story is ripped, nearly point for point, from a novel that follows the same premise: a young woman discovers she is the result of a fertility test and was raised in secret by the scientist who was supposed to destroy the embryo. Not only was the story completely false, but it was also essentially plagiarized.

The Globe hasn’t backed off this false narrative one bit in 2020. In the weeks leading up to the 23rd anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, the tabloid reported that Prince William and Prince Harry planned to exhume their mother’s body again as they believed her death “may have been a murder ordered by the same people who forced” Meghan Markle “to flee Britain.”

The publication went on to claim that Prince Charles was adamantly against the decision and had allegedly threatened “to withhold a $360,000 yearly allowance” from his children in order to force them to comply with his wishes. This was the outlet’s way of implying that there was something about Princess Diana’s death that Prince Charles was trying to cover up, but there are no reputable reports that Princess Diana’s body will be exhumed, or that it was ever done to begin with.

Prince Harry Determined To Uncover The Truth?

Most recently, Star made its outrageous claim that Prince Harry not only believed that his mother was murdered, but that the Duke of Sussex was plotting a $25 million revenge in the form of a documentary. This documentary would be “a great opportunity for Harry to control the narrative,” a source for the outlet insisted. After delving into some of the conspiracy theories covered above, the source went on to say Prince Harry “holds a grudge against the Queen and Charles for not doing enough,” so this new cash grab would be “Harry’s way of finally getting revenge.”

Utter nonsense, every single word. The outlet not-so-subtly insinuated that Prince Harry was in financial trouble, which was partly the reason for his decision to do a documentary, but that’s simply not the case. It’s safe to say that the Duke of Sussex is extraordinarily rich, so any claims to the contrary should be taken with a grain of salt.

Both Princess Diana’s life and death have been relentlessly exploited by the tabloid media for decades now. It seems like there’s nothing the royal family can do to stop the flow of unverified, and frankly outlandish, rumors to stop. If these outlets had an ounce of decency, they would leave the woman and her poor family alone. Too bad there’s not a shred of decency to be found.


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