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When one thinks of Mission Impossible, it’s nearly impossible that Tom Cruise’s name or face won’t pop up as well. With eccentric actor permanently attached to the film saga, it also means there bound to be absurd rumors surrounding the production and casting of the movie franchise. Particularly the upcoming seventh film and eighth film. Gossip Cop is taking a look at a few stories we've corrected about the impending seventh Mission Impossible film and Cruise.

Tom Cruise climbing a cliff in Mission Impossible 2
(Paramount Pictures)

Tom Cruise To His Cast & Crew: "Get Fit Or Get Lost!"

In early 2019, the reckless website RadarOnline purported Tom Cruise we firing the cast and crew from Mission Impossible who weren’t in shape. We call this outlet “reckless” because of the information it likes to give it’s readers, like this bogus story. The blog alleged Cruise gave everyone involved with the movie franchise a sever ultimatum. Either “get fit or get out.” From there, a supposed insider spilled to the website that Cruise wanted everyone “fit and healthy” whether they liked it or not. It’s one thing to make sure the cast of the film is on top of their fitness regimen, but why would the crew need to be in “shape” if there not being seen on camera?

Maybe Cruise is hard on himself when it comes to his diet, but Gossip Cop learned the actor wasn’t demanding the cast and crew be strict with their health regimen. Cruise revealed during an appearance on James Corden’s Late Late Show that he gave out desserts to the cast and crew because he can’t eat them. That doesn’t sound like someone who is giving his cast and crews "ultimatums."

Tom Recruited Joaquin Phoenix To Become A Scientologist?

Towards the end of 2019, Star alleged Cruise wanted Joaquin Phoenix to join Scientology and play the villain in the next Mission Impossible film. Following Phoenix’s success in the Joker film, the magazine claimed the actor was being eyed by Cruise to play opposite him. The publication’s premise further contended Cruise also wanted Phoenix to join the Church of Scientology because Cruise felt Phoenix had the “potential” to be the next celebrity Scientologist.

Joaquin Phoenix behind a still camera in a screenshot from The Master
(The Weinstein Company)

Gossip Cop discovered the sister publication of Star, the National Enquirer, reported the same story but with few different details, around the same time, which is a glaring red flag because it’s hard to pinpoint which outlet is telling the truth. In this case, neither tabloid was being truthful. If Star or the Enquirer had done it’s research, it would’ve known Phoenix questioned Scientology in the film, The Master. Most importantly, production for the seventh Mission Impossible film has already started and Phoenix is not part of the cast.

Tom Cruise wearing Ray-Ban Aviators
(Featureflash Photo Agency/

Tom Cruise Decided He's Had Enough With Hollywood?

Recently, Life & Style reported that Tom Cruise was looking to “leave” Hollywood and relocate to London. The magazine asserted the Jerry McGuire star was shopping around the U.K. for a new home after being in quarantine at the British Scientology headquarters. A dubious insider told the tabloid Criusie felt like he was being treated better overseas than in America and was “tired” of the Hollywood “drama.” Gossip Cop noted that the actor has a home located in London, but Cruise mostly resides in Clearwater, Florida. Cruise is still in London, but the actor has never stated he’s quitting Hollywood or acting. Simply put, the tabloid didn’t have any actual proof that the actor was done for good with Hollywood as the bait and switch title claimed, which made it easy for us to bust the bogus story.

It seems like Gossip Cop is frequently correcting various inaccurate rumors about Tom Cruise. Sure, the actor is a bit out there, but he’s never been shy about speaking his mind on many subjects. Unless he confirms some of these outlandish stories, the tabloids shouldn’t jump the gun and concoct misleading stories about him.


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