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There have been a slew of strange tabloid stories trying to predict what Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice will do to move on from the popular reality show. Gossip Cop came across a number of these claims and decided to compile them into an article of their own. It will be interesting to see if any of these bold guesses came true.

A highly disreputable celebrity gossip blog, Naughty Gossip, announced in 2017 that Teresa Giudice was planning to run for governor of New Jersey. The site went on to claim that Giudice “isn't happy just being a reality star. Now the New Jersey girl is getting advice that she should run for governor.” Supposed “sources” for the outlet insisted, “Teresa couldn't do a worse job than Chris Christie. At first it was suggested that she run for governor as a press stunt but now she is really thinking about it.” Leave it to a shady gossip site to get the story totally wrong.

Gossip Cop reached out to Teresa’s lawyer after we discovered this stinker of a story. The reality star’s attorney, James J. Leonard Jr., informed us exclusively, "It's embarrassing that someone would even suggest this and even worse that someone would actually write it. Teresa is not running for governor. Period." That seemed like a firm enough denial for us at the time. Since then, this foolish prediction has not come to pass, proving our judgement correct.

Then, after news broke that her then-husband Joe Giudice could possibly be deported back to Italy after completing his sentence, RadarOnline reported that Teresa was considering starting a spinoff reality series. The purported series would follow the family through Joe’s deportation process. Teresa was apparently eager to begin “cashing in on hubby Juicy Joe's deportation crisis” by “getting a whopping $500,000 to film about the situation.”

Gossip Cop heavily doubted this story, so we once again reached out to Teresa’s lawyer for clarity. He denied the reporting and joked, “Whoever comes up with these fake stories should leave RadarOnline and start writing fiction. There's got to be more money in it.” You might think these sorts of shameless publications would have learned by then to stop making up stories about the Real Housewife, but the false stories kept piling on.

Last spring, OK! reported that Teresa Giudice planned to move to LA if Joe was deported to Italy. The reality star was supposedly looking to start a Hollywood career as well, giving herself a total fresh start. "She could use a change of scenery and wants to lighten her load," a so-called “insider” informed the outlet. "She's ready to go solo and putting out the feelers, and she's getting a lot of positive feedback." None of this came to pass, however, because the outlet simply made it up.

Gossip Cop learned straight from Teresa Giudice’s lawyer once more that there was no truth to this rumor. These untrustworthy publications have been exploiting their readers by publishing untrue stories about a public figure. Just because she put herself on reality TV doesn’t mean that Teresa deserves false stories about herself in the press.


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